World Hydrography Day

Celebrated on 21 June, World Hydrography Day is designed to raise awareness about hydrography and how it plays a role in improved knowledge of the seas and oceans.


The theme this year is "Hydrography - Underpinning the Digital Twin of the Ocean".

The digital twin of the ocean aims to develop a consistent, high-resolution, multidimensional and near real-time virtual representation of the ocean that could make ocean knowledge open-access, available to citizens, scientists and policy-makers around the world, and will provide a platform for global cooperation. The theme for WHD is designed to highlight the relationship between hydrography and oceanography, and how hydrography can play a key role in developing the digital twin of the ocean.

The IHO Secretariat would like to create new videos highlighting these different aspects. Member States who are interested and able to assist with the technical production of videos are invited to contact the Secretariat.

    © TaramaIsland_HirokoYoshii_Unsplash


In support of WHD 2023, the IHO Secretariat will also feed the IHO Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account and YouTube channel. The IHO Secretariat will also organize a dedicated page on the IHO website, where papers and other materials relevant to the celebration will be posted.

Member States are invited to forward to the Secretariat any materials that they may create in support of their national WHD 2023 celebrations for posting on any of these platforms. Alternatively, contributors are invited to post on their own social media outlets and tag the IHO who will then share. Suggested hashtags include #WorldHydrographyDay and #WHD 

The IHO Secretariat’s outreach activities will include communications on GEBCO, celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2023, and will emphasise how up-to-date and accurate maps of the ocean contribute to global discussions on the sustainable use of the ocean.

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Last modified: 05/06/2023 - 15:52