1st Session (2017)

In accordance with the revised governance structure that entered into force on 8 November 2016,  the  first  session  of  the  Assembly  of  the  International  Hydrographic  Organization  was held  in  the  Rainier  III  Auditorium  in  Monaco,  from  24  to  28  April  2017.

The 1st Session of the Assembly  was  attended  by  just  under  350  representatives  from 77of  the  87  Member States of the IHO, together with 12 non-Member States.  Twenty eight representatives from observer  international,  regional  or  national  organizations also  took  part  in  the  discussions.  A meeting of the Finance Committee was held immediately before the Assembly on 23 April.  Two exhibitions, one illustrating the work of the IHO Member States and another provided by 30 commercial exhibitors,ran from 24 to 28 April.

The Proceedings of 1st Session of the IHO Assembly are available as Volume 1 and Volume 2

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