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Assembly Circular Letters (ACL)

Selection of Chair of the 3rd Session of the IHO Assembly ACL13
Approval of the lists of invited observers ACL12
Proposals for consideration by the 3rd session of the IHO Assembly ACL11Bis
IHO MEMBER STATES’ EXHIBITION - UPDATE “Mapping the marine environment in the Ocean Decade” ACL11
Selection of Chair of the 3rd Session of the IHO Assembly ACL10
Submission of Proposals to the Assembly - Reminder ACL09
Preparation of the table of tonnages ACL08
Invited observers - Submission of final lists for approval ACL07
IHO Member States Exhibition


Ship's visits and receptions ACL05-Rev1
Observers at the 3rd Session of the IHO Assembly ACL04-Rev1
Submission of proposals to the Assembly ACL03-Rev1
Nomination of Abraham Kampfer by the Republic of South Africa for the post of Secretary-General and Director of the IHO ACL02-Rev1/Bis2
Nomination of Dr. Mathias Jonas by Germany for Secretary General of the IHO ACL02-Rev1/Bis1
Call for nomination of candidates for the position of IHO Secretary General and IHO Director ACL02-Rev1
Announcement and general arrangements ACL01-Rev1


Assembly Documents

Documents before the Assembly
No Object of the Proposal Submitted By IHO Work
1.1 Adoption of IHO Resolution - S-100 Implementation v2 IHO Council 1
1.2 Implementation and Review of the Strategic Plan IHO Council 1



Gender-Inclusive language to be used in IHO Documents and Communications

Annex B to PRO 1.3 : M-1_EN_Draft_

IHO Council 1
1.4 3-Year Work Programme and Budget 2024-2026_v2 IHO Council 1



Revision of M-7 IHO Staff Regulations

Annex A (Clean Version) to PRO 1.5
Annex A (E9_Red-Line Version) to PRO 1.5
Secretary General 1
1.6 Polygonal demarcation of global sea areas Secretary General 1
1.7 Deprivation of the IHO member state status from the Russian Federation as its military aggression against Ukraine since 24 February 2022 has caused major threatens to navigation in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, in particular, has deprived Ukraine of performing the hydrographic surveying within its area of responsibility and issue and update its navigational charts Ukraine 1
2.1 IHO Council 2
2.2 Establishment of an S-100 Infra Center to support the implementation of S-100 Republic of Korea 2
2.3 The future of digital charting United Kingdom 2
3.1 Revision of clause (e) of Article 8 of the General Regulations of the IHO – Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica(HCA). IHO Council
3.2 Revised Capacity Building Strategy IHO Council 3
3.3 Recognition of the Southern Ocean HCA Chair 3
3.4 Access to software, hardware and training courses Islamic Rep. of Iran 3
3.5 Establishment of a task force to explore the potential merits, structures, and options for alternate fund generation to support capacity building and other IHO initiatives United States of America, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom and Australia 3


Date posted

RHC's and HCA Reports

05DEC22 Template for the RHC's and HCA Reports
List of Participants   Link to the continuously updated list of participants to A3
21DEC22 Provisional Agenda
20JAN23  Council Report
20JAN23 Work Programme 1 Report
20DEC22 ARHC Report
A3_2023_G_06.2_EN 09JAN23 BSHC Report
A3_2023_G_06.4_EN 05JAN23 EAtHC Report
A3_2023_G_06.5_EN 13JAN23 MBSHC
23DEC22 MACHC Report
16DEC22 NHC Report
16DEC22 NSHC Report
20DEC22 RSAHC Report
20DEC22 SWAtHC Report
A3_2023_G_06.15_EN 04JAN23 USCHC Report
16DEC22 HCA Report



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