Circular Letters & Documents

Assembly Circular Letters

Assembly Circular Letters (ACL)

Title ACL N°
Announcement and general arrangements ACL01
Call for nomination of candidates for the position of IHO Director ACL02
Nomination of Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith by the USA for the position of IHO Director ACL02bis1
Nomination of Captain (Ret) Alberto Pedrassani Costa Neves by Brazil for the position of IHO Director ACL02bis2
Nomination of Rear Admiral Luigi Sinapi by Italy for the position of IHO Director ACL02bis3
Submission of proposals to the assembly ACL03
Invited Observers ACL04
Ships' visits and receptions ACL05
IHO Member States'exhibition ACL06
Invited Observers - Submission of Final Lists for approval ACL07/Rev2
Preparation of the Table of Tonnages ACL08
Selection of Chair of the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly ACL09
IHO Member States'Exhibition ACL10
Approval of the List of Invited Observers ACL11
Proposals for Consideration by the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly ACL12
Selection of Chair of the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly ACL13
Hydrographic Industry Exhibition ACL14
Distribution of the Assembly Documents ACL15
Distribution of the second tranche of Assembly Documents  ACL16
Proposed Scenario on the postponement of the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly and Associated Activities resulting from exceptional circumstances due to COVID-19 ACL17


Assembly documents

Documents before the Assembly
No Object of the Proposal Submitted By IHO Work
1.1 Intrepretation of some articles in the Basic Documents of the IHO IHO Council 1
1.2 Revision of Articles 14, 15, 20 and 25 of  the General Regulations of the IHO IHO Council 1
1.3 Revision of Clause (c) of Article 16 of the General Regulations of the IHO – Hydrographic Interest IHO Council 1
1.4 Revision of Clause (c) of Article 16 of the General Regulations of the IHO – Hydrographic Interest (Bis) – [Original title: Reconsideration of the definition of what constitutes “an interest in hydrographic matters” or “hydrographic interests”] Uruguay 1
1.5 Consideration on the Definition of Hydrographic Interests (Ter) India 1
1.6 Revision of Rule 12 of the Rules of Procedure of the IHO Council and consequence on Rules 8 and 11 - Timing of Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair IHO Council 1
1.7 3-year Work Programme and Budget 2021-2023 IHO Council 1
1.8 Revised Strategic Plan IHO Council 1
1.9 Report on the informal consultation process for the future of S-23 Secretary General 1
1.10 Establish an IHO strategy and resolution for gender-inclusive language Canada & Japan 1
2.1 S-100 Implementation Strategy IHO Council 2
2.2 Conducting a Risk Assessment on the “Dual Fuel” Mode of ECDIS for S-57 ENCs and S-101 ENCs, Providing More Specific Guidance on its Implementation China 2
2.3 Revision of IHO Resolutions following the Introduction of S-100 Korea (Rep of) 2
2.4 Establishing a joint IHO-Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory Singapore & USA 2
3.1 Revision of the IHO Resolution 2/1997 - Establishment of Regional Hydrographic Commissions (RHC) IHO Council 3
3.2 Revision of the IHO Resolution 1/2005 - IHO Response to Disasters IHO Council 3
3.3 Establish of an IHO e-Learning Center Korea (Rep of) 3



Ref. Name
List of Participants Link to the continuously updated list of participants to A2 
A2_2020_G_01_EN Provisional Agenda
A2_2020_G_02_EN Comments to Proposal (Red Book)
A2_2020_G_03_EN Table of Tonnages, Shares, Contribution and Votes (2021-2023)
A2_2020_G_04_EN_Rev1 List of Assembly Documents

IHO Council Report

- Annex 1
- Annex 2
- Annex 3

A2_2020_G_06_EN Reports from HCA and Regional Hydrographic Commissions
A2_2020_G_08_EN_Rev1 Endorsement of the Selection Process for the Council
A2_2020_G_09_EN Draft Annual Report (Part I) 
A2_2020_E_01_EN List of Candidates for the Position of IHO Director
A2_2020_E_02_EN Table of Tonnages, Shares and Votes Applicable for the Election at A-2
A2_2020_F_01_EN Finance Report 2017-2019
A2_2020_F_02_EN Finance Report 2019 (Part II of the Annual Report 2019)



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