Analysis of the Status of MSI

Analysis of the Status of MSI

An organisation for the collection and circulation of nautical information is the vital first phase of hydrographic capability which all coastal states should seek to attain. Indeed, it informs subsequent prioritisation of surveys, and it ensures that charts remain accurate. For these reasons a summary of MSI status has been introduced with this Third Edition.

Sea Areas A1, A2 and A3

The analysis of MSI provision is based on sea areas A1 to A3 as defined by IMO in resolution A801(19). Click here for the description of these areas.

Major deficiencies:

Arrangements for communicating up to date information to chart-producing HOs in a timely manner remain deficient in many countries, especially in the Caribbean and Africa. The widespread lack of data on offshore installations is a matter of the greatest concern.

Practical steps are needed in many countries before the GMDSS can be considered to be fully implemented. In addition to the regions mentioned in the last paragraph, there are significant gaps in oceanic areas.

Co-ordination between different maritime agencies is poor in many developing countries, and is not helped by lack of awareness of hydrography within governments.

The top priority for IHO capacity building effort must be to assist every coastal state to achieve the vital first stage of hydrographic capacity, namely, the ability to collect, collate and promulgate urgent navigational safety information in a timely manner. This work is already underway in a number of the RHC areas through the medium of expert visits and technical workshops.

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