Recommendations for the maintenance and use of C-55

The C-55 data-base is now available on the IHO web-site, with a facility to enable states to submit updated information at any time (The on-line forms function is browser dependent and may not work on all systems.) The date of submission or latest update of information is shown in the heading of the Composite Report for each State and as a separate report "Update information". The IHB will use a Circular Letter to provide an annual reminder of the importance of update, and to encourage states to include update of C-55 in their hydrographic planning process. RHCs will also review the content of C-55 at each meeting.

The C-55 data-base will underpin IHO advice to the UN, IMO and other agencies. Some RHCs are already planning regional data-bases with more detailed layers of information. It is hoped that the systematic approach of C-55 will assist states with developing hydrographic services to put together a coherent national plan.

The data in C-55, together with the additional information provided by states on co-operation and requirements for assistance, will be used by the IHOCBC in the development of a prioritised action plan to implement measures to contribute to the safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment worldwide.

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Last modified: 15/01/2021 - 06:44