IHO C-55

The purpose of IHO C-55 Publication (available here) "Status of Hydrographic Surveying and Charting Worldwide" is to provide base data for governments and supporting international organizations as they consider the best means by which to implement responsibilities set out in Chapter V, Regulation 9, of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. It also informs IHO input to the United Nations Global Maritime Assessment. 

Hydrography and Maritime Activities

The significance of hydrographic effort to safe use of the sea, national economic prosperity, and protection of the marine environment is elaborated in IHO Publication M-2. That publication identifies three core capabilities, the status of which is assessed in the three sections of the C-55 data-base:
A. Hydrographic Surveying.
B. Nautical Charting.
C. Provision of Maritime Safety Information (MSI).

Data Input System
Please use the IHO online form as announced in the CL20/2019 <available here> (password required). The worksheet based submission via fax (+377 93 10 81 40) or email (info@iho.int) is still <available here>

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