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IHO HCA-GIS for Antarctica

- Catalogue, Displaying Data
Online Form for Data Submission to HCA GIS (Survey area, Scientific Base, Tidal station, Shipping Routes)
Downloading, Sharing Data

HCA-GIS dataset on Quantarctica  /  Guidebook for HCA-GIS dataset
Antarctica Surveys Metadata

Tide Tables - Antarctica (20 ports) - 2022 - Servicio de Hidrografía Naval  - Argentina

HCA Hydrography Priorities Working Group (Inclunding Guidelines for Ships of Opportunities, Forms and Survey Priorities)
National Chart Catalogues
Terrestrial Aids To Navigation In Antarctica (2005)
Beacons (HCA-17, June 2021)
Chile National Decree creating a National Committee for Antarctic Geographic Toponomy
The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)
Increasing our knowledge of Antarctica with hydrography -
Cooperation and expeditions by Members of the IHO Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica.
IHO Secretariat, Story-Map, March 2022




HCA Seminars

In order to promote HCA work and emphasise the importance of hydrographic activities in Antarctica, HCA has been giving seminars in the frame of conferences of observer organisations to HCA. These seminars are presented in the attachments here-under.

ATCM XLII (2019) See HCA-16 webpage
IAATO 21 (2010)
ATCM XXXI (2008)

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