Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica (HCA)

HCA Hydrography Priorities Working Group (HPWG)

At its 4th Meeting (Kythnos, Greece, Sept. 2004), the HCA established a new Working Group: HCA Survey Programme Working Group with the specific aim is to establish co-operation and collaboration between hydrographic organisations and scientific institutions in hydrographic surveying in Antarctica. The WG was renamed HCA Survey Prioritisation Working Group at HCA-8 (Niteroi, RJ, Brazil, Oct. 2008), then HCA Hydrography Priorities Working Group (HPWG) at HCA-12 (Montevideo, Uruguay, Oct. 2012) with revised Terms of Reference. As a result, in addition to addressing hydrographic surveying in Antarctica, HPWG is also in charge of coordinating INT chart and ENC schemes. (Please see the Scheming and Production of INT Charts and ENCs in Region M.)

Chair: Mr. Lee Truscott (Lee.Truscott@UKHO.gov.uk), United Kingdom

Membership (in 2004): Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, COMNAP (observer) and IAATO (observer).

Membership (since HCA-14, June 2016): The HCA Chair proposed that, because of its key coordinating role in the HCA, all HCA Members and Observers should be considered as participants in the HPWG in future (Decision&Action HCA14/16).

Terms of References 

The WG conducts its work by correspondence, through HCA-HPWG Letters. 

Guidelines and Forms: The following documents have been developed and/or are being maintained by the HCA HPWG:

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