IENWG13 (2023)

13th  Meeting of the IHO-EU Network WG – 13ème réunion du GT du réseau OHI-UE
23 May 2023 (Brest, France)

Last Update: 11 December 2023




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  18 January Registration - Invitation e-Letter dated 10 January 2023 - Logistic Information
IENWG13-01A   List of documents ( this html page )
IENWG13-01B 8 May List of Participants
IENWG13-01C  30 May Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
IENWG13-02A 30 May European picture of HO’s situation
IENWG13-02B 30 May Economical impact of data collection in Europe
IENWG13-03A 30 May All Ocean Obs - Study for Reporting Obligations
for Ocean Observation (Shom, France)
IENWG13-03B 30 May COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2023/138 of 21 December 2022  laying down a list of specific high-value datasets and the arrangements for their publication and re-use
IENWG13-03C 30 May Impact of the Commission implementing regulation laying down a list of specific high-value datasets
IENWG13-03D 30 May Into the EU Data Space:Geodata’s New Frontier
IENWG13-03E 30 May Factsheet Historical databases for HVD implementation
IENWG13-03F 30 May Factsheet APIs and HVD list
IENWG13-03G 30 May INSPIRE Good Practice – Data-Service Linking Simplification Webinar (21/11/2022)
IENWG13-03H 30 May INSPIRE Good Practice – Data-Service Linking Simplification (presentation)
IENWG13-04A 18 May Baltic Sea e-Nav and SINCERE - SharedWaters same Standards (SMA, Sweden)
IENWG13-04B 18 May Maritime security and Surveillance: European Project 
CISE ALERT (Shom, France)
IENWG13-04C 18 May Maritime Spatial Planning (BSH, Germany)
IENWG13-04D 17 May Marine spatial planning (Shom, France)
IENWG13-04E 17 May Evolution of Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Example of Coastal Flood Awareness System
IENWG13-04F 17 May Quiet Seas Project Overview (MHD, Romania)
IENWG13-04G 18 May Introduction to the MobiSpaces project (DGA, Denmark)
IENWG13-07A 17 May List of Actions from IENWG-12

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