IENWG14 (2024)

14th Meeting of the IHO-EU Network WG – 14ème réunion du GT du réseau OHI-UE
29 May 2024 (Svendborg, Denmark)

Last Update: 18 June 2024




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  9 January Online Registration - Invitation e-Letter dated 5 January 2024 - Logistic Information
IENWG14-01A   List of documents ( this html page )
IENWG14-01B 18 June List of Participants
IENWG14-01.1A  24 May Provisional Agenda and Timetable v0.5 ( .doc , .pdf )
IENWG14-01.2A  18 June List of Actions from IENWG13
IENWG14-01.3A  18 June IHO Director Address
IENWG14-01.4A 18 June IENWG Activities 2021-2024
IENWG14-WT1.1A 21 May All Ocean Obs - Study for reporting obligations for Ocean Observation
IENWG14-WT1.2A 28 May GreenData4all and Green Deal Data Space - Call for Evidence for an Impact Assessment
IENWG14-WT1.3A 18 June IENWG and the List of Specific High Value Data Sets Regulation (Reg 2023/138)
IENWG14-WT2.1A 18 June IHPT - Seamap 2030
IENWG14-WT2.2A 24 May EMODnet Call to action
IENWG14-WT3.1A 24 May S-100 - Baltic Sea e-Nav - MaDaMe
IENWG14-WT4.1A 24 May IHO and EC cooperation in third countries – a proposal for hydrographic capacity development
IENWG14-WT4.1B 18 June WORLDWIDE HYDROGRAPHIC CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT - The Europe/Pacific Sea Lines of Communication underpinning the world economy
IENWG14-WT4.2A 24 May EnMAR - Improve maritime security and economic prosperity in the Gulf of Guinea
IENWG14-WT4.3A 21 May Report of  the IRCC Fund Generation Project Team 
IENWG14-05.1A v2 18 June Technical Group for Underwater Noise v2
IENWG14-05.2A 18 June Standards and Best Practices in Ocean Observation
IENWG14-05.3A 18 June FOCCUS - Forecasting and Observing the open-to-coastal ocean for Copernicus users
IENWG14-05.4A 18 June IHO Standards for Marine Spatial Planning - Case of MSP ReMAP Project
IENWG14-06.1A 18 June DG MARE - Ocean Observation:enabling coordination and synergies
IENWG14-07.1A 18 June IENWG - Key Messages

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