NIPWG7 (2019)

25 - 29 November 2019 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Post Meeting Documents:   Final Minutes, version 18 Dec 2019: .doc , .pdf ] - [Meeting Photos: NIPWG Participants, Chair's fans ] - [Bulletin Report]
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Logistics Information  and Registration: On-line Registration
Please use the NIPWG Template for Submitting Reports and Proposals document for discussion items
  14 June Invitation Letter to NIPWG-7 and Logistic Information


List of Documents (this html page)
NIPWG7-01B 21 Nov List of Participants
The List of Participants is kept up-to-date and available on the IHO on-line registration system
NIPWG7-02 Rev8   26 Nov Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )
NIPWG7-02.2   Provisional Annotated Agenda ( .doc )
    Plenary NIPWG Session
NIPWG7-03   Minutes of NIPWG-6 ( .doc , .pdf )
NIPWG7-05.1 Rev1 8 Nov/13 Nov/22 Nov Status report on the Norwegian Pilot Guide and Port data development 2017-2019
Presentation Rev1
NIPWG7-05.3 19 Nov NTOU Activities in relation to NIPWG
NIPWG7-06.1 14 Nov General overview of Council and HSSC decisions affecting NIPWG
- HSSC-11 List of Actions and Decisions affecting NIPWG
- C-3 Summary Report and List of Decisions and Actions affecting NIPWG
NIPWG7-06.2 14 Nov Discussion of the Council
NIPWG7-06.3 14 Nov Summary of the discussion at the Council on the Roadmap for the S-100 Implementation Decade (2020- 2030)
- Doc. C3-03.6A Rev1 - Presentation
NIPWG7-07.4 20 Oct Overview of the work status
NIPWG7-08.1 26 Nov The History and Status of S-126
NIPWG7-08.2 21 Nov Status report - S-126 symbols in day/night ECDIS modes
NIPWG7-10.1 8 Nov
27 Nov
Update of S-128 development
NIPWG7-10.2 8 Nov Items to be included into S-128 - Management of up-to-dateness
NIPWG7-11.1 12 Nov Report of the S-124 Correspondence Group
NIPWG7-11.2 21 Nov Denmark Trial on S-124 for NtM/NIORD
NIPWG7-20.1a Rev1 20 Oct/18 Nov Creation of S-122 for German waters
NIPWG7-20.1b 20 Oct Creation of S-123 for German waters
NIPWG7-20.1c 18 Nov S-12X at the NLHO
NIPWG7-20.1d 19 Nov Preparations for S-12x test data (Canada)
NIPWG7-21.2 20 Oct Development of Harbour Infrastructure Product Specification
NIPWG7-21.2a 8 Nov Background and Update on requirements for detailed terminal and berth information
NIPWG7-21.2b 8 Nov Update – Publication of Port Information Manual
NIPWG7-35.1 12 Nov Update on the development of S-201 and S-125
NIPWG7-36.1 15 Nov Reference to Discontinued Nautical Charts in Maritime Publications
NIPWG7-37.1 20 Oct Unique Identifiers for Maritime Resources (IALA G1143)
NIPWG7-38.1 Rev2 24 Oct/21 Nov/22 Nov Using Data Quality for Safe Navigation
DQWG comments form ( .doc )
NIPWG7-43.1 Rev1 21 Oct/8 Nov

15 Nov
Status report on the XML development Notices to Mariners
- Annex A ( .xls )
- Annex B ( .xml )
- Annex C (.zip)
NIPWG7-46.1 20 Oct Architectural Display of S-100 related products
Annex ( .pdf )
NIPWG7-47.1 18 Nov KHOA S-100 Portrayal Harmonization Project
NIPWG7-48.1 22 Nov Response to NIPWG proposal to amend S-101 data model definitions
NIPWG7-48.2 15 Nov

19 Nov
Creation and storage of S-127 for US waters

Presentation: Pilotage, a Prototype for data storage and creation, S-127 Traffic Services
NIPWG7-49.3 8 Nov Hydrographic Dictionary Working Group – Status Report
NIPWG7-49.4 Rev1 24 Oct Revision of Publication S-49 - STANDARDIZATION of MARINERS' ROUTEING GUIDES Edition 2.1.0 – xxxxx 2020
- Annex A  Rev1 (red-line)
- Annex B  Rev1 (clean)


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