Miscellaneous / Divers  
S-131 Marine Harbour Infrastructure  IHO-Singapore Lab Project 2021-01 - Project Proposal Phase 1
XML Based Chart Corrections in Notices to Mariners Data Exchange White Paper, DCEG, Feature Catalogue Data Model
NIPWG Product Specifications - Task Groups Link
Bringing Land and Sea Together (BLAST) - SNPWG Participation. Link
NIPWG - WIKI Worksite Link
Earlier work on S-57-based Marine Information Overlays (HGMIO) Link


E-Navigation - IMO Maritime Service Porfolios / E-Navigation - Portefeuilles de services maritimes de l'OMI  
IMO E-Navigations documents Link
NIPWG Documents Link
Harmonization Group on Data Modelling (HGDM) : template for a maritime service Template (general, nautical publication service)

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