NIPWG8 (2021)

23 - 25 March 2021, VTC Event 
13:00 - 15:00 (UTC+1, CET)

Last update: 8 April 2021

Post Meeting Documents:   Draft Minutes, version 30 March : .doc , .pdf ] - [Meeting Photos: NIPWG Participants, Chair's fans ] - [Bulletin Report]
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  25 Feb

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Logistics Information  and Registration: On-line Registration
Please use the NIPWG Template for Submitting Reports and Proposals document for discussion items


List of Documents (this html page)
NIPWG8-01B 24 March List of Participants
The List of Participants is kept up-to-date and available on the IHO on-line registration system
NIPWG8-02 Rev7   23 March Draft Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )
NIPWG8-03.1A 12 March Minutes of NIPWG7 ( .doc )
NIPWG8-03.3A 8 March Outcome of HSSC-12 , Assembly-2, Council-4, DQWG-16 that may affect NIPWG activities
NIPWG8-04 12 March Overview of the work status
NIPWG8-09.1 19 March Summary of Progress for S-131
NIPWG8-09.2 18 March Norway's experience in contacting ports to complete the data base entries
NIPWG8-11.1 12 March Report to HSSC on the result of the IALA outline paper assessment (S-201, S-125, S-124)
NIPWG8-15.1 12 March Response to HSSC on provision of Acknowledgments in IHO publications
NIPWG8-20.1 24 March Update on the development of the Maritime Connectivity Platform
NIPWG8-22.1 12 March

Expansion of the Scope of the Marine Traffic Management (S-127) Test Data Set and Annex A, Annex B

NIPWG8-25.1 12 March NGA World Port Index Modernization
NIPWG8-25.2 23 March NGA World Port Index (WPI) – S-131 Harbour Infrastructure Comparison


18 / 22 March

Work Status of S-128 PS Ed.1.0.0

Useful Reference: Draft S-128 Ed. 1.0.0 PS Package ( > > NIPWG > Miscellaneaous > NIPWG ProdSpecs >...> S-128

NIPWG8-30.2 19 March Completeness etc. of data sets possibly be provided by S-128
NIPWG8-30.3 19 March Discussion of the S-128 CNP Scope
NIPWG8-36 12 March Architectural Display of S-100 related products
NIPWG8-49.1 12 March Consideration of amendments on S-49, S-11, M-3 sections relevant for NIPWG
NIPWG8-49.2 23 March Report on creation of Canadian S-123 datasets
NIPWG8-49.3 18 March Tests on S-1xx compliant NPUB ProdSpecs
NIPWG8-49.4 19 March Proposal to Add Tides and Water Flow Forecasting Services to the S-123
NIPWG8-57.2 12 March Outline paper providing the whole picture of future S-100 compliant products
NIPWG8-57.3A 10 March

Nomination and Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

- Mr Eivind MONG (Canada) for the position of Chair

- Mr Stefan ENGSTRÖM (Finland) for the position of Vice-Chair



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