Strategic Plan Review Working Group

(SPRWG disbanded in November 2020 - Decisions A2/21 and C4/38 refer)

Chair: Mr Bruno FRACHON (France)
Vice-Chair:  Mr Shigeru NAKABAYASHI (Japan)
Secretary: Mr Douglas BRUNT (Canada)

See the Terms of Reference and Work Plan for further information.

The working group should normally work by correspondence, but if decided by the Working Group, meetings can be scheduled in conjunction with any IHO meetings. 

The Chair or any member of the Working Group, with the agreement of the simple majority of all members of the Working Group, can call extraordinary meetings. In case of meetings, all intending participants shall inform the Chair and Secretary ideally at least one month in advance of their intention to attend meetings of the Working Group.(SPRWG members)

Next meetings
SPRWG-Drafting Group-2, to be defined.

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