8th Council Meeting (2024)

Monaco, IHO Secretariat

15 - 17 October 2024

Last Update: 10 June 2024


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English version ( .doc , .pdf ) version 1.0 as of 24 October 2024

Français ( .doc , .pdf ) version 1.0 du 24 octobre 2024

List of Decisions&Actions
Liste des décisions et actions
Lista de decisiones y acciones


English ( .doc , .pdf ),  version 0.x as of 18 October 2024

Français ( .doc , .pdf ), intégrée au compte rendu ci-dessus

Español ( .doc , .pdf ), versión 1.0 de 24 octubre 2024

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List of Documents (this page)

C8-01B 10 June List of Participants
C8-01.1A   Secretary-General's Opening Remarks
C8-01.2A  6 May Provisional Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )
C8-01.2B   Provisional Agenda & Timetable ( .doc , .pdf  )
C8-01.2C    C-8 Red Book 
C8-01.4A   Chair's Opening Remarks
C8-01.5A --

Administrative Arrangements  - 
Council - Membership Contact List

Useful References:
- IHO Convention
- General Regulations
- Assembly ROP
- Council ROP

C8-02.1A   Review of the List of Assembly Decisions affecting the Council and discussion on the way forward and effective implementation
C8-02.2A -- Useful Reference: Cumulative List of A-3 Decisions affecting the Council (Decisions A3/05, A3/08 (a) to (e), A3/13, A3/14, A3/15, A3/20 (c), A3/21, A3/28 (c))
C8-03.1A 6 May 2024 Review of the Status of Decisions and Actions from C-7 ( .doc , .pdf )

Report and Proposals from HSSC ( .doc ; .pdf ) - Presentation


Report and Proposals from IRCC ( .doc ; .pdf ) - Presentation


Update on the S-100 Roadmap

Useful Reference: Roadmap for the S-100 Implementation Decade (version 3.0, Oct. 2023) 


Update on the establishment of the S-100 Infrastructure Centre

C8-04.5A   Update on the development of S-130
C8-04.6A   Update on the activities of the IHO Fund Generation Project Team
C8-05.1A    Monthly Financial Reporting Statement (September 2024) Presentation

Proposed IHO Work Programme for 2025 ( .doc , .pdf ) -Presentation 

C8-05.2.1A    Update on the Empowering Women in Hydrography Project
C8-05.2.2A    Update on contributions to the UN Ocean Decade
C8-05.2.3A    Update on activities to acquire new IHO Member States
C8-05.2.4A   Proposed theme for theme of the World Hydrography Day 2025
C8-05.3A   Proposed IHO Budget for 2025 - Presentation




Implementation of the IHO Work programme and other affected IHO instruments resulting from the Strategic Plan 2021-2026 and Decisions A3/08 (a) to (d)

Useful References:

IHO Strategic Plan 2021-2026 , Proposed Table of Targets, SPIs and Lead, version 0.2, 18 Nov 2020 ( .doc )
IHO Annual Report 2023, Annex B (pages 153 to 167).

C8-06.2A   Report and recommendations from the Correspondence Group for the preparatory process of IHO Strategic Plan 2027-2032, way forward and timelines
C8-06.3A   Initial discussion on the revision of the IHO Strategic Plan based on inputs from subordinate bodies (HSSC, IRCC), Member States and IHO Secretariat
C8-07.1A   Report on inclusive participation in IHO meetings and proposed Resolution
C8-07.2A   S-100 National Strategies (Action C7/07 refers)
C8-07.3A   Update on the development of the IHO Portal




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