S-100 Implementation Strategy

Last Update : 3 December 2020


Following the endorsement of the “S-100 roadmap for the S-100 Implementation Decade (2020-2030) version 1.0 Rev1” at the 2nd Session of the Assembly (Decision A2/29, A2/30 and A2/31 refer), the Council decided to set up a repository webpage to facilitate its accessibility and maintenance (Action C4/19 refers).


Posted Date Subject
Roadmap for the S-100 Implementation Decade (2020-2030)
3 Dec 2020 Roadmap for the Implementation Decade
version 1.0 Rev 1 ( .doc , .pdf )
  Annex 1: xxx, version xx dated xx
  Annex 2: S-100 Timelines, version xx dated xxx
  Annex 3: WEND100 Principles, draft version xx, dated xxx


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