Basic Commission Documents


Structure for National Report (EN, FR)
Statutes (Edition 3.0, as approved at ARHC-11, date of effect: 10 November 2021)
Statutes (Edition 3.0, signed by Members, as of 19 December 2022)
ARHC Years in Review
2020 ; 2021 ; 2022 ; 2023
ARHC – IHO Strategic Plan 2021-2026: GAP Analysis - version 03, dated 1 December 2022
Joint Statement of Intent between the Arctic SDI Board and the Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (2020)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC) and the Arctic Council’s Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) (October 2019)
Standing cautionary notice issued by ARHC concerning the use of nautical charts of Arctic waters - June 2017    
Terms of Reference of ARHC Working Groups
Terms of Reference for the ARHC Strategic Planning Working Group (SPWG) [dismantled at ARHC-5]
Terms of Reference for the ARHC Operations and Technologies Working Group (OTWG)
Terms of Reference for the Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group (AICCWG)
Terms of Reference for the Arctic Regional Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group (ARMSDIWG)



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