ARHC10 (2020)

10th ARHC Conference and Arctic Virtual Science Forum
11 and 13-14 August 2020 (VTC events)

Last Update: 10 November 2020


Post Meeting Documents: [Recording of ARHC Virtual Science Forum] [Minutes from ARHC10:  .doc , .pdf ] - [List of Actions: . doc , .pdf ] -  [Bulletin Report] 


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    -- Statutes of ARHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this file)
     Arctic Virtual Science Forum - Tuesday 11 August
  29 July Invitation (Revised version)
  11 Aug Agenda (Rev 4 version) ( .doc.pdf )
ARHC_SF_2020_1 20 Aug Participants Rev3
ARHC_SF_2020_2 7 Aug Arctic Council--Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) - Arctic Ship Traffic Data  (Hreinsson)
ARHC_SF_2020_3 7 Aug Arctic Council - Emergency Preparedness Planning and Response Working Group (EPPRWG) (CDR James)
ARHC_SF_2020_4 7 Aug S-100 in the Arctic (Powell, Dr. Holfort, Sienkiewicz) 
ARHC_SF_2020_5 10 Aug University of New Hampshire Greenland Bathymetry - Ryder 2019 Expedition (Mayer)
ARHC_SF_2020_6 7 Aug Developing International Cooperation to Understand Arctic Change (UKHO Sponsored) (Burgess)
ARHC_SF_2020_7  7 / 14 Aug Seabed 2030/IBCAO Rev2 (Prof. Jakobsson)
ARHC_SF_2020_8 11 Aug NOAA OCS Saildrone Project Status - An Autonomous Approach to Arctic Mapping (de Halleux)
ARHC_SF_2020_9 7 Aug International Arctic Research Center (IARC) - Arctic Alaska coastal processes: What a difference a datum makes (Prof. Eicken)
ARHC_SF_2020_10 10 Aug Employing Vessel Tracking and Communications to Aid Maritime Safety in Alaska (York)
ARHC_SF_2020_11 12 Aug Indigenous community engagement: addressing changes in Arctic marine environment Rev1 (Dr. Foy)
ARHC_SF_2020_12 20 Aug Recording of the ARHC Virtual Science Forum (see Post Meeting Documents above))
ARHC_SF_2020_13 2 Sep ARHC Science Forum 2020 Meeting Summary
    ARHC-10 - Thursday 13 to Friday 14 August
    ARHC Statutes in force (version 6 Oct 2016, updated September 2017) 
ARHC10-A1 10 Nov Participants
ARHC10-A3 12 Aug Agenda Rev1 ( .doc , .pdf )
ARHC10-A4a -- ARHC-9 Final Minutes
ARHC10-A4b 13 Aug Status of ARHC-9 List of Actions and VTC_01 List of Actions ( .doc )

30 July

14 Aug

IHO Secretariat’s Report to ARHC


ARHC10-B2 11 Aug National Report Canada

11 Aug

13 Aug

National Report Denmark


ARHC10-B4 23 July/20 Aug National Report - Norway - Presentation
ARHC10-B5   National Report Russian Federation
ARHC10-B6 14 Aug National Report United States of America Rev1
ARHC10-B7 11 Aug National Report Finland
ARHC10-B8 12 Aug/20 Aug National Report Iceland - Presentation
ARHC10-B9 12 Aug National Report Italy 
ARHC10-C1 12 Aug IRCC
ARHC10-C2 12 Aug HSSC
ARHC10-C3   Council
ARHC10-C4   Assembly
ARHC10-F1 20 Aug OTWG Presentation
ARHC10-F2 14 Aug AICCWG Presentation

7 Aug

14 Aug



ARHC10-H1 12 Aug ARHC PAME MOU Brainstorming Ideas
ARHC10-H2 20 Aug Regional Coordination Considerations in Alaska 
ARHC10-H3 13 Aug

High North 20 Campaign (research and bathymetry):

- Video


ARHC10-H4 14 Aug Crowd Sourced Bathymetry / Seabed 2030
ARHC10-H5 14 Aug Improved content and coverage for ENCs in western Greenland
ARHC10-H6 13 Aug UNGGIM MGIWG Work Plan and IGIF Brief (ARHC9-26)
ARHC10-I1 12 Aug UN Decade Presentation
ARHC10-I2 12 Aug Arctic Science Ministerial
ARHC10-J2   Draft List of Actions
ARHC10-J4   ARHC11- Alaska, USA

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