ARHC14 (2024)

14th ARHC Meeting
Tromsø, Norway

3 - 5 September 2024

Last Update: 7 March 2024


Post Meeting Documents: [Summary Report, version dated xx Dec. 2024:  .doc , .pdf ] -
[ List of Actions and Decision, version xx Sep. 2024: .doc , .pdf ]
-  [Bulletin Report] - [Group Photo]

Document No


Document Title

    -- Statutes of ARHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this file)
  5 Feb 2024

e-ARHC Letter - Official Invitation to ARHC-14

Information Package - Online Registration

    ARHC14 ppt template
ARHC14-A1 7 March List of Participants

ARHC14 Agenda vxx ( .doc , .pdf )

ARHC Open Forum -  

ARHC14-A3   Review of Actions from ARHC13
ARHC14-A4   Review of Actions from IRCC16

IHO Secretariat’s Report - Presentation

ARHC14-B2   National Report Canada - Presentation
ARHC14-B3   National Report Denmark - Presentation
ARHC14-B4   National Report Norway - Presentation


National Report United States of America - Presentation

ARHC14-B7   National Report Finland - Presentation
ARHC14-B8   National Report Iceland - Presentation 
ARHC14-B9   National Report Italy - Presentation
ARHC14-B10   National Report UK - Presentation


Operations and Technology Working Group  - Arctic Hydrographic Risk Assessment – 2024 Update - Presentation

ARHC14-C2   Report of the Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group (AICCWG) - Presentation
ARHC14-C3   Report of the IHO-EU Network Working Group - Presentation 

ARMSDIWG Report - Presentation

ARHC14-C5   ARHC GEBCO and Seabed 2030 Coordinator Report
CrowdSourced Bathymetry

ARHC IHO Strategic Plan Gap Analysis – Annual Review

Useful ReferenceIHO Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (brochure)



ARHC14-D3   Status of S-100 Coordination in the Region
ARHC14-D4   Items for C-8 Discussion 

Arctic Council (PAME) – ARHC - Update on PAME Developments and Proposed ARHC-PAME Cooperation until ARHC15

ARHC14-F1   Next Meeting ARHC15
ARHC14-F2   Confirmation of Chair and Vice-Chair
ARHC14-F3   Summary of Actions
ARHC14-F4   Closing Remarks and Observations

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