ARHC13 (2023)

13th ARHC Meeting and Open Forum
Nuuk, Greenland, Denmark

5 - 7 September 2023

Last Update: 3 February 2023


Post Meeting Documents: [Summary Report, version dated xx Dec. 2023:  .doc , .pdf ] -
[ List of Actions and Decision, version xx Sep. 2023: .doc , .pdf ]
-  [Bulletin Report] - [Group Photo]

Document No


Document Title

    -- Statutes of ARHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this file)
  3 February 

e-ARHC Letter - Official DGA Invitation to ARHC-13

Information Package

    ARHC13 ppt template
ARHC13-A1   List of Participants

Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )

ARHC Open Forum Panel Sessions

ARHC13-A3   ARHC Statutes in effect
ARHC13-A4 -- ARHC-12 Final Minutes
ARHC13-A4A   Status of Actions from ARHC12 ( .doc )
ARHC13-A4B   Items from A-3 and IRCC15
ARHC13-A4C   Items for C-7

IHO Secretariat’s Report - Presentation

ARHC13-B2   National Report Canada - Presentation

National Report Denmark - Presentation

ARHC13-B4   National Report Norway - Presentation
ARHC13-B6    National Report United States of America - Presentation Rev1
ARHC13-B7   National Report Finland - Presentation
ARHC13-B8   National Report Iceland - Presentation
ARHC13-B9   National Report Italy - High North Campaign
ARHC13-C1   Operations and Technology Working Group  - Presentation
ARHC13-C2   Report of the Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group (AICCWG)
ARHC13-C2A   Arctic Grid Study Report
ARHC13-C3   Report of the IHO-EU Network Working Group - Presentation

ARMSDIWG Report - Presentation

ARMSDIWG TORs version October 2021 ( .doc )

ARMSDIWG Work Plan October 2021 ( .doc )

Useful Reference: current TORs in force




ARHC GEBCO and Seabed 2030 Coordinator Report

Data contribution request for IBCAO 5.0


Proposed ARHC Way Forward on Implementation of IHO Strategic Plan

Useful ReferenceIHO Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (brochure)

ARHC13-D1A    IHO Strategic Plan 2021-2026: GAP Analysis
ARHC13-D1B   ARHC SP Gap Analysis Takeaways - Presentation

S-100 Implementation – WEND100-IGIF Matrix

References: WENDWG CL 02/2022 and Matrix ( .xls )

ARHC13-D3   The need for regional coordination of S-100 implementation
-Including production and distribution
-An S-100 strategy and roadmap for the Arctic?
ARHC13-D4   Items for C-7 Discussion 

PAME Update

Arctic Ship Traffic Data (ASTD) System Access Application and Data Sharing Agreement - Attachment 1 - Attachment 2

ARHC13-E1   Arctic Council Data Policy Background Document, March 2022 - Presentation
ARHC13-E2   Royal Canadian Navy Arctic Operations
ARHC13-E3   UKHO - Future of Paper Overview 
ARHC13-E4   Market dialogue - Identify environmental requirements for
procurement within seabed mapping
ARHC13-F1   Confirmation of ARHC representative to Council for A3-A4 period
ARHC13-F2   ARHC-14

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