ARHC Intersessional VTC-01 Meeting (2020)

ARHC Intersessional VTC-01 Meeting
29 April 2020

Last Update: 26 May 2020

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Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes, version 26 May: .doc , .pdf ] - [List of Actions: .doc , .pdf ] -  [Bulletin Report]

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Document Title

    -- Statutes of ARHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this file)
ARHC_VTC01_2020_01 29 April/23 May List of Participants
  29 April Agenda ( .doc , .pdf
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02A 28 April Status table for ARHC-9 actions (selected) ( .doc )
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02B 25 April ARHC-PAME MoU
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02C 2 May ARMSDIWG Report
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02D 28 April Arctic International Chart Coordination Working
Group - CA Arctic ENC Grid Cell Study -Draft
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02E 29 April Black out Zones 
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02F Rev 2 May ARHC Year 2019 in Review
ARHC_VTC01_2020_02G 28 April ARHC Year 2019 in Review Cover Report
ARHC_VTC01_2020_03A 25 April

PAME Arctic Shipping Status Reports Launched

ARHC_VTC01_2020_04A 25 April

Arctic Ship Traffic Data Webpage

ARHC_VTC01_2020_04B 25 April 2 minute video
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_5A 25 April UN Decade Implementation Plan
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_5B 25 April

ARHC_VTC-01_2020_5C 27 April Secretary-General's comments ( .doc ) on the Review of the zero draft of Implementation Plan for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_8A 28 April Seabed 2030 Project
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_8B 25 April US Ocean Mapping Progress Report (April 2020)
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_8C 25 April IHO DCDB Letter to ARHC-9 (2019)
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_8D 29 April IBCAO 4.0
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_9A 25 April ARHC Science Forum (draft for follow up after VTC)
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_9B 25 April ARHC-10 Agenda ver. 0.1 (draft for follow up after VTC)
ARHC_VTC-01_2020_9C 29 April ARHC anticipated participants (draft for follow up after VTC)

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