Course Program

The collective course is expected to be provided by UKHO in Taunton, UK and by other institutions.

Distance learning Module

  • 1 week for the UKHO course. A textbook (paper/ digital) is sent to students 6 weeks prior to cover the basic elements. Exercise Book is also used for marking ahead of the course.
  • 1-year license for further E-learning material on Udemy

Foundation Module

  • Cartographic basics covering the underlying details of nautical cartography

Geospatial Fundamentals Module

  • Understanding the IHO S-57 Transfer Standard as well as practical aspects of S-57 Composer software and appropriate data management regarding geospatial database

Compilation Module

  • Practical module regarding compilation into a geospatial database (bathymetry element, coastline, scheduling, field exercise, meta-data) in compliance with IHO S-57, S-58 using CARIS software.

Product Construction Module

  • Production of an ENC / Paper Chart (from data capturing to quality assurance and publication process)
  • Introduction of the future standard such as S-100. 

Data Assessment Module

  • Decision making and processing of new information using software and traditional checking processes to fulfill the responsibility of Hydrographic Offices. (Notice to Mariners, New Edition, maintenance)

Final Project (for CAT-B part)

  • Overall exercise by students including course review, evaluations, and lessons learned sessions

Cooperation Module

  • Integrated data management for Maritime Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) for the better ocean governance for 2 days in Taunton, UK
  • Topographic data management in a wider perspective with the insight of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Twin Module

  • Digital twins, S-100 implementation and the link with MSDI, and their potential to be used by autonomous vessels as a 3D world view for navigation purposes bringing efficiency, safety and environmental benefits to the shipping sector for 1 week

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