DQWG16 (2021)

16th Data Quality Working Group (DQWG16) Meeting

VTC Event
(9-10 February 2021) 
13:00 - 16:00 (UTC+1, CET)

Last Update:  14 May 2021

Post Meeting Documents: [DQWG16 Final Minutes: .doc , .pdf ] - [Actions] - [Meeting Photo] - [Bulletin Report]

Doc Number Date Title    
  12 Jan DQWG Letter 01/2021 announcing DQWG-16
  12 Jan

Logistic Information:
Online Registration
- Join the meeting: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/912159205

DQWG16-01.1A   List of Documents (this html page)
DQWG16-01.2A 9 Feb List of Participants
DQWG16-01.3A Rev1 8 Feb Agenda and timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
DQWG16-01.3B 2 Feb Introduction to DQWG16
DQWG16-01.4A -- DQWG Terms of Reference
DQWG16-01.5A -- DQWG webpage - DQWG Membership List

Election of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary

Nominations received by IHO Secretariat

- Chair: Rogier Broekman (NL)

- Vice-Chair:

- Secretary:

DQWG16-02.1A 12 Jan HSSC12 List of Decisions and Actions (Status Report on the)
DQWG16-02.2A   Outcome of HSSC Chair group meeting 9 Dec 2020
DQWG16-02.3A 2 Feb Status of Action List from DQWG-15
DQWG16-02.4A 2 Feb

Process of ISO-9001 principles for development of S-101

Routine - Principles of S-101 Product Specification ( ver03, .doc)

DQWG16-02.5A 8 Feb Report from S-101PT
DQWG16-02.6A 12 Jan/8 Feb Request for guidance from the IHO DQWG regarding the usage of crowdsourced bathymetric data on official nautical charts produced by Hydrographic Offices (CSBWG)
DQWG16-03.1A   S-97 IHO Guidelines for Creating S-100 Product Specifications (Edition 1.0.0, June 2020)
DQWG16-04.1A 2 Feb Cross check of DQ chapter of S-1xx
DQWG16-06.1A 2 Feb S-101 Feature Catalogue – relations
DQWG16-06.2A 2 Feb Guidelines and Recommendations for the population of CATZOC values from survey data
DQWG16-07.1A   Maintenance of S-67
DQWG16-07.1B 8 Feb Proposal on Developing Chinese Version of S-67
DQWG16-08.1A   Report from S-101PT  (with regard to the methodology for the display of quality information)
DQWG16-09.1A 12 Jan Autonomous shipping and Data Quality
DQWG16-09.2A 12 Jan Autonomous shiping and Data Quality – mindmap
 DQWG16-INF.01 8 Feb S-104 Product Specification _0.0.8_20210122
DQWG16-INF.02 8 Feb  S-104_FC_0.0.7_20200730 ( .xml file on request only)
DQWG16-INF.03 8 Feb  Inforrmative Chart_and_Land_Survey_Vertical_Datums


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