DQWG17 (2022)

17th Data Quality Working Group (DQWG17) Meeting

VTC event
(8-9 February 2022) 

Last Update: 23 March 2022

Post Meeting Documents: [DQWG17 Final Minutes: .doc , .pdf ] - [Draft List of Actions:  .doc ] - [Meeting Photo] - [Bulletin Report]

Doc Number Date Title    
    DQWG Letter 04/2021 announcing DQWG-17

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DQWG17-01.1A 20 Jan Introduction to DQWG17
DQWG17-01.1B 8 Feb List of Participants
DQWG17-01.2A 20 Jan DQWG 16 Final Minutes
DQWG17-01.3A Rev3 4 Feb Agenda and timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
DQWG17-01.4A 20 Jan Status of DQWG Actions
DQWG17-01.5A -- DQWG Terms of Reference
DQWG17-01.6A -- DQWG webpage - DQWG Membership List
DQWG17-02.1A -- HSSC13 List of Decisions and Actions (Status Report on the)
DQWG17-02.1B 20 Jan HSSC List of decisions and Actions
DQWG17-02.2A 20 Jan HSSC ISO -9001 cell update
DQWG17-03.1A 20 Jan / 8 Feb S-67 Proposed name Change ENCWG - Presentation
DQWG17-03.1B 4 Feb Information on ENC Generalization, Over-Scaling and Safety Checking Functions in ECDIS
DQWG17-03.2A 30 Jan Proposal for DQWG to adopt the Chinese Version of S-67
DQWG17-03.2B 30 Jan S-67 Ed. 1.0.0 (Chinese version)
DQWG17-04.1A Rev1 6 Feb Progress on Cross check of DQ chapter of S-1xx PSs - Presentation
DQWG17-05.1A   Review of S-1xx Feature Catalogues
DQWG17-05.2A 20 Jan / 9 Feb CATZOC and Usage bands - Presentation
DQWG17-05.3A   Guidance from Survey to CATZOC
DQWG17-05.3B 23 March ZOC / QoBD Matrices
DQWG17-05.4A   Crowd Sourced Bathymetry – B12
DQWG17-05.5A 30 Jan Proposal for Revised Definition of Swept Wrecks
DQWG17-06.1A 23 March User survey results on five alternative QoBD coding schemes


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