Draft Publications

Draft Publications awaiting approval by Member States

 Reference  Description  Edition Closing Date IHO CL
S-44 IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys

Edition 6.0.0
[Draft version 2.0.1 of Edition 6.0.0 dated 14 July 2020]

01/09/2020 xx/2020
S-49 Mariners Routing Guides

Edition - 2.1.0

01 September 2020 xx/2020
S-67 Mariners’ Guide to Accuracy of Depth Information in Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) 

Edition 1.0.0

[Draft version 2 of Edition 1.0.0 dated 09 July 2020]

01 September 2020 xx/2020



Draft Publications in the final stage of editing following adoption by Member States

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Draft Publications for discussion

 Reference  Description  Edition  Closing Date  Downloads
 S-44  IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys

 English 6th Edition

 Draft 1.7.1





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