Draft Publications

Draft Publications awaiting approval by Member States

 Reference  Description  Edition Closing Date IHO CL
C-17 Spatial Data Infrastructures, “The Marine Dimension” - Guidance for Hydrographic Offices Ed 3.0.0 30 September 2023 21/2023


Changes Summary

S-100 Schemas (Link)

Universal Hydrographic data Model Ed 5.1.0 30 September 2023 23/2023



Draft Publications in the final stage of editing following adoption by Member States

 Reference  Description  Edition  Closing Date  Downloads







Draft Publications for discussion

 Reference  Description  Edition  Closing Date  Downloads
B-13 Guidance to Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Ed. 1.0.0 Month 2023
(uploaded version 1.0 dated 16 April 2023)
HSSC-15 B-13, Edition 1.0.0, Month 2023



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