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 S-4 Regulations for International (INT) Charts and Chart Specifications of the IHO (English: Edition 4.8.0, October 2018 - Publication date: November 2018)
Reglamento de la OHI para cartas internacionales y especificaciones cartográficas de la OHI (Español: Edición 4.8.0, Octubre del 2018 - Fecha de publicación: Octubre del 2018)




 S-4 Associated Documents  (INT 1, INT 2, INT 3):  

INT 1 Symbols and Abbreviations used on Paper Charts (current English version, Edition 8, 2020)

(UKHO Terms of Use, Conditions of Release and Disclaimer - See also Other Publications)

  INT 1 Símbolos, Abreviaturas y Términos Utilizados en las Cartas, (versión española, Edición 6, 2018)


  INT 2 Borders, Graduation,Grids and Linear Scales (Edition 4, 2007)
 INT2 Marcos, Graduación, Retículos y Escalas Gráficas (Edición 4, 2007)
  INT 3 Use of Symbols and Abbreviations (Edition 5, 2011)  English
  For further information on emerging or changing requirements for nautical charts, please consult the – Nautical Cartography Bulletins  
 S-5A Standards of Competence for Category "A" Hydrographic Surveyors (Edition 1.0.2, June 2018)  English
 S-5B Standards of Competence for Category "B" Hydrographic Surveyors (Edition 1.0.1, June 2017)


 S-8A Standards of Competence for Category "A" Nautical Cartographers (Edition 1.0.1, June 2018)  English
 S-8B Standards of Competence for Category "B" Nautical Cartographers (Edition 1.0.0, September 2017)  English


Companion documents :

a) Guidelines for the Implementation of the Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (Edition 2.1.1, March 2020)

b) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Edition 1.0.0, March 2020)

Please visit this page for templates and additional information on Education and Programme Recognition






Guidance for the Preparation and Maintenance of International (INT) Chart and ENC Schemes and Catalogue of International (INT) Charts
Part A - Guidance for the Preparation and Maintenance of International (INT) Chart and ENC Schemes (Edition 3.1.0, February 2018 - Publication date: February 2018)



  Part B - INTernational Chart Web Catalogue, Associated Webservices and User Manuals  Link
 S-12 Standardization of List of Lights and Fog Signals (June 2004 - Corrections to June 2006)


 S-23    Limits of Oceans and Seas (1953).  Sheet maps 1, 2 and 3


S-23 Component Documents :

Please note: This document, and higher resolution sheet maps, are also available from the IHO, on CD ROM.


 Hydrographic Dictionary

 Diccionario Hidrográfico


 Kamus Hidrografi


 S-32 App 1 Hydrographic Dictionary - Glossary of ECDIS Related Terms - Inserted in the WIKI versionI
 Diccionario Hidrográfico - Glosario de Términos relativos al ECDIS



 S-44  IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys (Edition 6.0.0, September 2020)
 Normas de la OHI para los Levantamientos Hidrográficos (Edición 5, Febrero del 2008)
 Especificações da OHI para Levantamentos Hidrográficos (Edição 5, Fevereiro de 2008)


 S-49  Standardization of Mariners' Routeing Guides (Edition 2.1.0, September 2020)



 See Note 2

Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS (Edition 6.1(.1), October 2014 - with Clarifications up to June 2015)

 Annex A to S-52 - IHO ECDIS Presentation Library     (Edition 4.0(.2), October 2014 - with Clarifications up to July 2017)



 S-52 Component Documents:
  • Annex A, Addendum - Symbol Library for Use on ECDIS (with clarifications up to July 2017) - English
  • Appendix 1 - Guidance on Updating the Electronic Navigational Chart (Edition 4.0.0, April 2012) - English

Joint IMO/IHO/WMO Manual on Maritime Safety Information (January 2016)

 Manual conjunto OMI/OHI/OMM relativo a la Información sobre Seguridad Maritima (2016)


Appendix 1 List of NAVAREA and Sub-Area Coordinators- Operational points of contact (see COMSAR Circ 58)





 S-57 IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data (Edition 3.1.0, November 2000) - Main Document  English

 S-57 Component Documents:
  • Appendix A, Chapter 1 - Object Catalogue - English
  • Appendix A, Chapter 2 - Attribute Catalogue - English
  • Appendix A, Annex A - Data Producer Codes - Deleted (replaced with S-62)
  • Appendix A, Annex B - Attributes/Object Classes Cross Reference - English
  • Appendix B.1 - ENC Product Specification - English
  • Appendix B.1, Annex A - Use of the Object Catalogue for ENC - UOC (Ed. 4.2.0 April 2020) - English
  • Appendix B.1, Annex B - Examples of CRC Coding - English
  • Appendix B.1, Annex C - Recommended ENC Validation Checks - Deleted (replaced with S-58)
  • Appendix B.1, Annex D - INT1 to S-57 Cross Reference - English
  • Appendix B.2 - IHO Object Catalogue Data Dictionary Product Specification - English
  • Cumulative Maintenance Document No 8  (March 2002) - List of Clarifications, Corrections and Extensions for S-57 publications - English
  • S-57 Supplement No 3 to Edition 3.1 (June 2014 - incorporates the former Supplement No 2) - English
  • For further information on data encoding, please consult the FAQs and Encoding Bulletins

 ENC Validation Checks (Edition 6.1.0, September 2018)

 S-58 Associated References:


 S-60  User´s Handbook on Datum Transformations involving WGS 84 (July 2003 - Last correction August 2008)  English
 S-61    Product Specification for Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) (January 1999)  English


 List of IHO Data Producer Codes (current edition)



 Cumulative list of changes to S-62 (last change 19 January 2021)

English - PDF

Database Link



 See Note 4

 IHO Data Protection Scheme (Edition 1.2.1, March 2020)



 S-63 / S-100 Security Scheme documents (listed below) are available from the Security Scheme Page.

These documents include:

  • Annex A - Data Server Certificate Request Procedure (Data Server Agreement and Data Server Request Form)
  • Annex B - Manufacturer Information Request Procedure (OEM Agreement and OEM Request Form)
  • Appendix 1 - Test Data Set
  • Test definitions and scripts
  • S-63 Scheme Administrator Certificate
  • ENC Signature Service - User Manual
  • S-63 Guidance Notes

 See Note 2

 IHO Test Data Sets for ECDIS (Edition 3.0(.2), July 2017)  English

 ENCs: Production, Maintenance and Distribution Guidance (Edition 2.1.0, May 2017)
 ENCs : Guía de Producción, Mantenimiento y Distribución (Edición 2.1.0, Mayo 2017)



 S-65 Annex A  High Density (HD) ENC Production and Maintenance Guidance (Edition 1.0.0, January 2020)  English
 S-66  Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements (Edition 1.1.0, January 2018)



   Related IMO Circulars:
  • IMO MSC.1/Circ.1503 (as amended): ECDIS – Guidance for Good Practice - English    Japanese
  • IMO STCW.7/Circ.24 (as amended): INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON STANDARDS OF TRAINING, CERTIFICATION AND WATCHKEEPING FOR SEAFARERS (STCW), 1978, AS AMENDED - Guidance for Parties, Administrations, port State control authorities, recognized organizations and other relevant parties on the requirements of the STCW Convention, 1978, as amended - English    Japanese
  • IMO SN.1/Circ.213: Guidance on Chart Datums and the Accuracy of Positions on Charts - English    Japanese
  • IMO SN.1/Circ.255: Additional Guidance on Chart Datums and the Accuracy of Positions on Charts - English    Japanese

 Japanese translation of S-66 and associated IMO Circulars is provided courtesy of the Japan Hydrographic Association (JHA).

 S-67  Mariners’ Guide to Accuracy of Depth Information in Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) (Edition 1.0.0, September 2020)  English
 S-97  IHO Guidelines for Creating S-100 Product Specifications (Edition 1.1.0, June 2020)  Link
 S-99  Operational Procedures for the Organization and Management of the S-100 Geospatial Information Registry (Edition 1.1.0, November 2012)  English

 IHO Universal Hydrographic Data Model (Edition 4.0.0, December 2018)

 S-100 Portal

 Please note: the S-100 (Part 15) Security Scheme applications document for OEMs and Data Servers are available from the Data Protection Scheme




 IHO Registry

 IHO Geospatial Information (GI) Registry

 The IHO GI Registry is an online resource that comprises several Registers which contain organised lists of hydrographic related information


 IHO S-100 based Product Specifications (S-1XX):

 S-101  ENC Product Specification (Edition 1.0.0, December 2018)  Link
 S-102  Bathymetric Surface Product Specification (Edition 2.0.0, October 2019)  Link
 S-111  Surface Currents Product Specification (Edition 1.0.0, December 2018)  Link
 S-121  Maritime Limits and Boundaries Product Specification (Edition 1.0.0, October 2019)  Link
 S-122  Marine Protected Areas (Edition 1.0.0, January 2019)  Link
 S-123  Marine Radio Services (Edition 1.0.0, January 2019)  Link
 S-127  Marine Traffic Management (Edition 1.0.0, December 2018)  Link
 S-129  Under Keel Clearance Management (Edition 1.0.0, June 2019)  Link

 A complete list of all S-100 based Product Specifications, including Product Specifications in development and published, is maintained here

 Please note: S-101, S-111, S-121 and S-129 Edition 1.0.0 Product Specifications are released for implementation and testing purposes only


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