Bathymetric Publications

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 B-1  General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO)

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  • Also available from the IHO
    • Each map sheet at 1:10 Million (see diagram) - Cost 10 Euros including postage.
    • Series of 18 map sheets covering the world, plus an overview map - Cost 130 Euros including postage.
 B-4  Information Concerning Recent Bathymetric Data (online publication)



 Standardization of Undersea Feature Names (Guidelines, Proposal Form Terminology)

 English / French 
 (Edition 4.2.0)
 English / Spanish 
 (Edition 4.1.0)
 English / Russian 
 (Edition 4.0.0)
 English / Japanese 
 (Edition 4.0.0)
 English / Korean  
 (Edition 4.0.0)
 English / Chinese 
 (Edition 4.1.0)
English / Portuguese (Edition 4.2.0)

 B-7  GEBCO Guidelines (This publication has been removed whilst it is being revised)


 B-8  Gazetteer of Geographical Names of Undersea Features


 B-9  GEBCO Digital Atlas



 The History of GEBCO

  • Digital Version: available (Free Download); or


  • Printed Version: available at the IHO for free (only postal costs: 20€)




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 B-11  IHO-IOC GEBCO Cook Book


 B-12  Guidance on Crowdsourced Bathymetry  Link

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