Miscellaneous Publications

(including basic documents)

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M- 1 Basic Documents of the IHO (June 2017)
Documentos Básicos de la OHI (En preparación)


M- 2 The Need for National Hydrographic Services 
La Necesidad de Servicios Hidrográficos nacionales



M-2 Supplementary Documents / Les documents supplémentaires :

(National and Regional Analyses of Costs versus Benefits of Hydrographic Programmes) 

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Hydrographic Survey and Charting - A Case Study of Vanuatu, New Zealand Programme, April 2014 

Socio-Economic Study: Scoping the Value of NOAA’s Coastal Mapping Program, Irv Leveson, March 2012 

Economic Impact of Hydrographic Surveys, Brian Douglas Connon and Rod Nairn, 2010 
Analysis of the Economic Benefits of the Provision of Hydrographic Services in the APEC Region, APP and GlobalWorks, July 2002 

An Economic Analysis of the Benefits of the RAN Hydrographic Programme, Australia, July 1992 

Benefit Cost Assessment of the Canadian Hydrographic Service, George L. Brinkman and Susan L. Calverley, February 1992. 

* See also an example of administrative arrangement in the field of hydrography and nautical cartography HERE 

M- 3

Resolutions of the IHO (August 2018) 
Resoluciones de la OHI (agosto 2018) 

Appendix (August 2018)  / Apéndice (agosto del 2018)



M- 7 Staff Regulations, Edition 8.0.0, January 2017  


M- 10 The History of the IHB - Historia del BHI


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