MBSHC21 (2019)


21st Conference
  11 - 13 June 2019, Cádiz, España (Spain)

Last Update: 11 February 2020

Invitation Letter to MBSHC- 21

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Post meeting documents:  [  Final Minutes, version 11 Feb 2020,  List of Decisions and Actions ( .doc  , .pdf ) - [Group Photo] - [Bulletin Report]

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MBSHC21-1.2B 6 June List of Participants
MBSHC21-1.2C 6 June Candidacy for the position of Region F International Charting Coordinator:
- Italy
Useful Reference: SHOM's Letter dated 13 May 2019 - Resignation from the role of Region F Charting Coordinator
MBSHC21-02A Rev1C 5 June Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )

Draft Agenda of the Region F ICCWG / MEDINTCHART side-meeting (see at the bottom of this page)

MBSHC21-02B Rev1D 5 June Agenda&Timetable  ( .doc , .pdf )
MBSHC21-3.1A v2 7 June Chair's report
Presentation Rev1


Minutes of MBSHC20
Link:ATTENTION!! to MBSHC-20 Post-Meeting Documents
MBSHC21-3.2B v3

4 June

Status Report on the actions from the 20th Conference ( .doc , .pdf )


7 June

MBSHC Statutes in force (7th Edition, July 2017)

Proposed 8th Edition, June 2019 of MBSHC Statutes ( .doc )
MBSHC21-3.4 6 June

12 June

12 June
Outcome of C-2 (List of Decisions and Actions as of May 2019) and Preparation of C-3 and A-2

Report of the Strategic Plan Review Working Group of the Council - Presentation

Draft RoadMap for S-100 Implementation Strategy - Presentation
MBSHC21-3.5 18 June Report of BASWG
MBSHC21-4.1 11 June Report from IHO Secretariat
MBSHC21-4.2 11 June IHO Secretariat - Information Management, GIS Infrastructure
MBSHC21-4.3 29 May
11 June
Report of IHO-EU Network Working Group
MBSHC21-4.4 18 June CIESM Report
MBSHC21-4.5 18 June IOC general activities that may affect MBSHC and NEAMTWS developments
MBSHC21-4.6 18 June IALA Report
MBSHC21-5.1 Rev1 7 June Report of HSSC
Presentation Rev1
MBSHC21-6.1A 11 June Outcome of IRCC-11
MBSHC21-6.1B Rev1 7 June Overview of MBSHC Report to IRCC
Presentation Rev1
MBSHC21-6.2.2   National Reports Disclaimer Notice:




  18 June






a) Algeria

b) Bulgaria

c) Croatia - Presentation

d) Cyprus - Presentation

e) Egypt - Presentation

f) France - < SPAN style="FONT-STYLE: italic">Presentation

g) Georgia

h) Greece - Presentation

i) Israel

j) Italy - Presentation

k) Lebanon

l) Malta

m) Monaco

n) Montenegro - Presentation

o) Morocco - Presentation

p) Romania - Presentation

q) Russian Federation

r) Serbia

s) Slovenia - Presentation

t) Spain - Presentation

u) Syria

v) Tunisia

w) Turkey , Presentation

x) Ukrai ne + Statement (13 June)

y) United Kingdom

z) USA - Presentation

MBSHC21-6.3.1A 6 June Report of the 9th meeting of the WENDWG
MBSHC21-6.3.2 11 June - Report from IC-ENC - Presentation
- Report from PRIMAR - Presentation
MBSHC21-6.4.2 18 June Report of ICCWG Coordinator to MBSHC (delivered on 13 June morning session)
MBSHC21-6.5 9 June Report from NAVAREA III Coordinator
MBSHC21-6.6 18 June MSDI Report
MBSHC21-6.7 18 June CB Coordinator Report
5th Meeting of the Region F ICCWG
ICCWG5-01 6 June Draft agenda & timetable ( .doc )
  -- Region F ICCWG TORs and ROPs - Rev2, July 2017
  12 March 2019  Minutes of the 4th Meeting of Region F ICCWG (RegionF ICCWG-4) ( .doc )
    Status Report on the List of Actions from RegionF ICCWG- 4

  18 June
6 June
12 June
Region F INT Scheme Status
- Region F ICCWG Chair Report Rev1.1

- Report from Spain
- Statement by UK on the ICCWG report from Spain
  18 June

6 June
ENC Coverage Status
- Region F ICCWG Chair Report Rev1.1
- Evolution of Regional ENC Coverage
- List of Ports ( .xls )

  7 June
Overlapping ENCs in Region F
- overview ( .zip )
- IC ENC analysis Rev1 ( .xls )
- PRIMAR analysis ( .xls )
- Risk Assessment by Greece
Industry Presentations (ppt presentations on request only)
SevenCs 9 June New Generation for Validation of S-57 and S-100/S-101 data
ESRI   Automation of Hydrographic Workflows from Processed Data
Teledyne-Caris 18 June Bathymetry Data as Service
Kongsberg 18 June Kongsberg technology, beyond depth and backscatter acquisition
iXblue 18 June Improving Hydrographic Survey using USV Platform
Fugro 18 June Hydrographic Services
Skilltrade 19 June From Introduction Hydrography to Certified Courses

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