MBSHC22 (2021)


22nd Conference
VTC Event, 27 - 28 May 2021

Last Update: 18 May 2021

Invitation Letter to MBSHC- 22 (MBSHC 04/2021)

 Join the Conferrence: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/912159205
Post meeting documents:  [  Final Minutes, version  xx 2021,  List of Decisions and Actions ( .doc  , .pdf ) - [Group Photo] - [Bulletin Report]

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MBSHC22-01.2B 18 May List of Participants
MBSHC22-02A 9 April  Draft Agenda&Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
MBSHC21-03.2A    Chair's report
MBSHC22-03.3A 11 Feb 2020 Minutes of MBSHC21
MBSHC22-03.3B 11 Feb 2020 List of Decisions and Actions ( .doc , .pdf )
MBSHC22-03.3B   Status Report on the actions from the 21st Conference ( .doc , .pdf )


Review of MBSHC Statutes and Region F ICCWG ToR

Useful References
MBSHC Statutes in force (8th Edition, June 2019)
Region F ICCWG ToRs and ROPs (6 July 2017)

MBSHC22-03.5   Outcome of the 2nd Session of the IHO Assembly (A-2) and 4th meeting of IHO Council (C-4)
MBSHC22-03.6   Report of the Black and Azov Seas Working Group (BASWG)
MBSHC22-04.1 18 May IHO Secretariat's Report - Presentation
MBSHC22-04.2   IHO-EU Network WG Report
MBSHC22-04.3   CIESM Activities that may affect MBSHC
MBSHC22-04.4 18 May IALA Activities that may affect MBSHC
MBSHC22-04.5   IOC general activities that may affect MBSHC
MBSHC22-04.6   Mediterranean Initiatives in Marine Environmental protection and Blue Economy activities
MBSHC22-05.1   HSSC Activities that may affect MBSHC
MBSHC22-06.1   Inter-Regional Coordination Committee
MBSHC22-6.2.1 4 May Lebanon Report
MBSHC22-6.2.2 17 May National Reports Disclaimer Notice:










a) Algeria

b) Bulgaria

c) Croatia - Presentation

d) Cyprus Rev1 - Presentation

e) Egypt 

f) France - Presentation

g) Georgia

h) Greece - Presentation

i) Israel

j) Italy

k) Lebanon

l) Malta

m) Monaco

n) Montenegro - Presentation

o) Morocco - Presentation

p) Romania - Presentation

q) Russian Federation

r) Serbia

s) Slovenia - Presentation

t) Spain - Presentation

u) Syria

v) Tunisia

w) Turkey , Presentation

x) Ukraine 

y) United Kingdom

z) USA - Presentation

MBSHC22-6.3.1A   WENDWG11 Outcome, and Actions and Decisions that may affect MBSHC
MBSHC22-6.3.2   - Report from IC-ENC - Presentation
- Report from PRIMAR - Presentation
MBSHC22-6.4.1   Hydrographic survey status in the MBSHC area
MBSHC22-6.4.2   Report of ICCWG Coordinator to MBSHC 
MBSHC22-6.5   Report from NAVAREA III Coordinator
MBSHC22-6.6   MSDI Report
MBSHC22-6.7   CB Coordinator Report
MBSHC22-6.8   GEBCO/Seabed 2030 Project/Crowd-Source Bathymetry Activities
6th Meeting of the Region F ICCWG
    Joint the meeting: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/912159205

Useful References:

- Draft Minutes of the 5th meeting of Region F-ICCWG

- Presentation by Region F Chart Coordinator delivered at MBSHC-21 after 5th meeting of Region F ICCWG

ICCWG6-01 26 April Draft agenda & timetable ( .doc )
ICCWG6-02 12 May  HNHS ENC Risk Assessment Report
Industry Presentations (ppt presentations on request only)

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