BASWG17 (2024)


17th Meeting of the Black and Azov Seas Working Group (BASWG17)

26 - 27 March 2024

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Post meeting documents:  [Minutes] - [List of Actions and Decisions, as of 11 April 2024: .pdf ] - [Photo] - [Bulletin Report]
Last Update: 11 April 2024

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BASWG CL 01/2023 30 Dec 2023 Realization of the BASWG-17 Meeting  
Annex A: Draft Agenda&Timetable
Annex B: Logistic Information
  4 Feb 2024 Online Registration MBSHC BASWG17

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BASWG17-01A 16 Feb List of Participants
BASWG17-01B   ToR and RoP of BASWG
BASWG17-02A Rev2 26 March Agenda & Timetable Rev2 ( .doc ; .pdf )
BASWG17-03A 1 April Status of actions from BASWG-16
BASWG17-03B 1 April Outcome of MBSHC23 affecting BASWG
National Updates - Disclaimer
BASWG17-03C-1A 1 April Bulgaria National Report
BASWG17-03C-2A 23 March Georgia National Report
BASWG17-03C-3A 1 April Romania National Report
BASWG17-03C-4A   Russian Federation National Report
BASWG17-03C-5A 23 March Ukraine National Report
BASWG17-03C-6A 15 March Türkiye National Report
BASWG17-04A Rev1 21 / 26 March IHO Work Programme Rev1
BASWG17-05A 23 March Ukraine Regional Update
BASWG17-06A 1 April Region F Coordinator Report
BASWG17-07A 21 March IHO CB Activities
BASWG17-07B 15 March Long and Short-Term Capacity Building Plan of the MBSHC
BASWG17-07C 1 April IC-ENC Opt-In Update
BASWG17-08A 1 April NAVAREA III Coordinator Report
BASWG17-09A 18 March Consideration of the definition of Hydrographic Interests
BASWG17-09B Rev1 26 March / 1 April Involvement of BASWG Representative in the Composition of the Council Rev1

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