NCWG8 (2022)

8th Meeting of the Nautical Cartography Working Group (NCWG-8)

 Wollongong, Australia

15 - 18 November 2022

Last Update: 20 March 2023

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Post Meeting Documents: [NCWG-8 Minutes: draft version dated 24 Feb 2023: .doc ] - [Actions: draft version dated 4 Jan 2023: .pdf ] - [Bulletin Report] - [Meeting Group Photo ; Online participants]

Doc Number Date Title    
  28 June 2022 NCWG Letter 01/2022 - Logistic Information - Online Registration
  5 Oct 2022 Australia Travel Advice Update (Covid-19)
  8 Nov

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NCWG8-01A   List of Documents (this html page)
NCWG8-01B 16 Nov List of Participants
NCWG8-01C   HSSC - List of Contacts
NCWG8-02A v1.1 2 Nov Draft Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf v1.1 )
NCWG8-03A   Status of NCWG7Actions at xx Nov 2022 ( .doc ; .pdf )
NCWG8-04.1A   Report of NCWG at HSSC14 - Presentation
NCWG8-04.2A   Outcome of HSSC-14 ( .pdf )
NCWG8-05.1A   NCWG Work Plan Progress ( .doc )
NCWG8-06.1A 29 Oct Pilot Boarding Areas on ECDIS
NCWG8-06.2A 29 Oct Oil/Gas Platform Jacket Depiction
NCWG8-06.3A 29 Oct Satellite Derived Bathymetry
NCWG8-06.3B 15 Nov Additional approximate contour for Imprecise shoal area from Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) data
NCWG8-06.4A 29 Oct Impact of the Change of Limits between the MACHC and the SWAtHC - Annex A (MACHC Letter 04/2022 dated 31 March)
NCWG8-06.5A   Variable/adjustable intensity lights 
NCWG8-06.6A 29 Oct Data Quality Indicators for bathymetric data on ECDIS display
NCWG8-06.7A 29 Oct Merging of PA and PD abbreviations on paper charts
NCWG8-06.8A 29 Oct New abbreviations in support of S-101 Portrayal Rules
NCWG8-06.9A   WIG Craft
NCWG8-06.10A 3 Nov Non-Portrayal of Information Encoded in S-101 ENC in ECDIS
NCWG8-06.11A 3 Nov Requirement for an Indication of Synthetic AIS Aids to Navigation on Charts
NCWG8-06.12A 3 Nov Marine Radiobeacons - Clarifications
NCWG8-06.13A 3 Nov Proposal on Adding the Symbol of Differential Beidou Satellite Navigation System (DBDS) Reference Stations
NCWG8-07.1A   Report from Secretary of INT1 subWG
NCWG8-08.1A   Report from BSPT
NCWG8-08.2A   Review of BSPT Terms of Reference
NCWG8-10.1A 29 Oct Efforts for Developing Symbology for New S-1xx PS
NCWG8-12.1A 3 Nov Digital Only Charting: UKHO withdrawal from Paper Charting 


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