NCWG6 VTC (2020)

6th Meeting of the Nautical Cartography Working Group (NCWG-6)
VTC Meeting
3 - 4 November 2020

Last Update:  2 February 2021

Post Meeting Documents: [NCWG6 Final Report, version 29 Jan 2021:  .doc ; .pdf ] - [Actions] - [Bulletin Report] - [Meeting Photo]

Doc Number Date Title    
  26 Sep Update regarding arrangements for NCWG-6, Virtual Meeting (NCWG Letter 04/2020)

Join the meeting:

In case of a change, participants will be informed on the NCWG6 webpage

  26 & 27 Oct

Open NCWG VTC testing sessions

- on Monday 26 October, from 14:00 to 15:00 (UTC+1, CET)

- on Tuesday 27 October, from 09:00 to 10:00 (UTC+1, CET)

NCWG6-01A   List of Documents (this html page)
NCWG6-01B 3 Nov List of Participants
NCWG6-01C   HSSC - List of Contacts

3-4 November 2020, Virtual Meeting

10:00 - 13:00 (UTC)

NCWG6-02A 29 Oct Draft Agenda and Timetable ( .doc , .pdf )
NCWG6-03A 2 Nov Status of NCWG5 Actions at 30 October 2020 ( .doc ; .pdf )
NCWG6-04.1A 23 Oct Report of NCWG at HSSC12 - Presentation
NCWG6-04.1B 23 Oct Report on the Future of the Nautical Paper Chart endorsed at HSSC12 - Presentation
NCWG6-04.2A 23 Oct Outcome of HSSC-12 ( .pdf )
NCWG6-05.2A 3 Nov NCWG Work Plan Progress ( .doc )
NCWG6-06.1B 19 Oct Discussion on the Future of the Paper Nautical Chart from another perspective
NCWG6-06.2A 3 Nov

NtMs versus subscription service

Useful References: Doc. HSSC12-05.3D and Action HSSC12/35

NCWG6-06.5A 3 Nov

Portrayal of S-124 - Navigational Warnings 

Useful References: Slides 11&12 in Doc. HSSC12-05.3A , Annex B to Doc. HSSC12-07.1B and Action HSSC12/31

NCWG6-06.6A 3 Nov

Development of a Haronized Portrayal Process for S-98

Useful Reference: Action HSSC12/41

NCWG6-06.7A 3 Nov NCWG Letter 01/2020 Consolidated Response Form regarding Swept Wrecks
NCWG6-07.1A 29 Oct Report of INT1 subWG

Baseline symbology to support automated chart production

Useful References: Docs. HSSC12-05.4A , HSSC12-05.4C and Action HSSC12/36

NCWG6-07.2B 23 Oct / 4 Nov

Scalable Vector Graphic Symbols to Support Automation (SVG .zip)


NCWG6-09.2A 3 Nov Invitation to Membership of the ICA Commission on Marine Cartography
NCWG6-12.1A 2 Nov

Election of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary

- Application and bio of Mr Nick Rodwell, for the position of Vice-Chair



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