CH de la mer du Nord

President RAdm Angus Essenhigh (UK)
Vice-president Mr Thomas Dehling (GER)
Members Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden.
Representatives of the IHO Secretariat Director Dr John NYBERG   
Assistant Director Sam HARPER


Brief history

The North Sea Hydrographic Commission was created in The Hague, Netherlands, on January 10, 1962, on the initiative of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. United Kingdom. The first meeting was chaired by the Netherlands. France, Belgium, Iceland and more recently Ireland have subsequently joined the commission. The early activities of the commission included decisions on the publication of fishing charts and the need to carry out surveys outside territorial waters.


Originals: The Hague, January 10, 1963
Amended: (1) Stockholm, September 7, 1963; (2) London, January 29, 1965; (3) Härnösand, September 13, 1973; (4) London, April 25, 1975; (5) Oslo, June 2, 1981; (6) Stavanger, September 1994; (7) Brest, September 2010; and (8) Dublin, June 2016.

Meeting documents

Only documents from future, current and past meetings are listed on the left. All documents from previous meetings are available in the IHO Document Archive section.

Map of Member States

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