HSSC Circular Letters


Posted Date (Deadline)


CL01 31 January
(15 March)
Call for Endorsement of Draft Edition 5.2.0 of S-100 – IHO Universal Hydrographic data Model
Chair Letter 24 Nov Outcome of S-100WG 8 relevant for the HSSC Chair Group
CL02 28 June
(31 August)
Update on the MASS Navigation Project Team
CL01 22 June
(31 August)
Announcement of the Establishment of two Project Teams under HSSC:
– S-100 Infrastructure Centre Establishment Project Team
- S-100 Security Scheme Project Team  
e-CL04 8 June 2022

Joint IHO/IALA workshop on S-100/200 development and portrayal - 05 - 09 September 2022, Ålesund, Norway (Reference: Action HSSC14/90)


CL03 28 April 2022
(1 July)
Call for endorsement of proposed new and revised IHO Resolutions (proposed by the Tides, Water Level and Currents Working Group (TWCWG))
CL02 22 April 2022 Announcement of the Publication of Ed.1.0.0 of S-104 Product Specification – Water Level Information for Surface Navigation
CL01 10 Jan 2022
(1 March)
Call for HSSC Approval of New Product Specification S-104 Ed. 1.0.0
CL03 6 May  HSSC guidance about business continuity and preparation of HSSC-12
CL02 6 May (3 July) Call for HSSC endorsement of draft Editions of S-44 Ed. 6.0.0, S-67 Ed. 1.0.0 and S-49 Ed. 2.1.0
CL01 7 April HSSC Business Continuity and Preparation of HSSC-12


CL04 (30/10)   Announcement of Publication of the first edition of S-121 - Maritime Limits and Boundaries
CL03 (16/07)   Call for commnents on version 1.7.0 of the Draft 6th Edition of the IHO Publication S-44
CL02 (31/05)   HSSC Comments on the IHO Future Strategic Plan Drafted by SPRWG
CL01 (13/02)   Publication of the first edition of New S-100 Based Product Specifications

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