HSSC13 (2021)

IHO Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC)

13th HSSC VTC meeting

3 - 7 May 2021

Last Update: 31 August 2021



Post Meeting Documents: [Final Minutes = HSSC Report to C-5 Rev2 ], [Bulletin Report], [Final List of Decisions&Actions, version dated 31 August 2021: .doc , .pdf ],  [Group Photos: plenary , stakeholders' open session ], [HSSC Work Plan 2021-2022, version dated 31 August 2021: .doc , .pdf ],

Doc Number
  16 Feb 2021

IHO CL 06/2021 announcing HSSC-13

Logistic Information


Logistic Information for VTC Test and Meeting Sessions:
Gotomeeting link will be provided by email from 26 April to Registered Participants only. In the case you registered after 26 April, please send a request to info@iho.int in order to get the gotomeeting link
Test VTC sessions on request only (email: adcs@iho.int)


  9 March Template ( .ppt ) for the presentation of WG reports / proposals 
HSSC13-01A   List of Documents (this html page)
HSSC13-01B 4 May List of Participants
HSSC13-01C -- HSSC - List of Contacts
HSSC13-01D   Terms of Reference for HSSC and related Working Groups
HSSC13-02A Rev2 27 April

Draft Agenda and Timetable ( .doc ; .pdf )

IHO Stakeholders' Open Session (at the bottom of this page)

HSSC13-03A 5 Jan 2021 Status of List of Actions and Decisions from HSSC-12 ( .doc , .pdf )
HSSC13-04.1A 14 April Outcome of C-4 and A-2 affecting HSSC
HSSC13-04.2A 4 May

Discussion on the development and maintenance of the S-100 implementation roadmap and consequences on the S-100 Master Plan - Draft Presentation

Useful Reference: Roadmap for the S-100 Implementation Decade

HSSC13-04.3A 8 April Discussion on the implementation of the SPIs of the IHO Strategic Plan allocated to HSSC – Way forward – Report and Proposals to C-5 SPIs
HSSC13-04.4A 27 April Update on the establishment of the joint IHO-Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory and impact on HSSC activities
HSSC13-04.5A Rev1 26 March / 5 May Proposal for the establishment of S-130 Project Team - Presentation
HSSC13-04.5B INF 30 April China's Comments on Doc. HSSC13-04.5A
HSSC13-05.1A Rev1 24 /31 March / 30 April

Report and Recommendations of S-100WG - Presentation Rev1

Proposed S-100WG Work Plan 2021-22 Rev1 ( .doc )

HSSC13-05.1B Rev2 16 / 27 /28 April Report on S-100 Registry Management 
HSSC13-05.1C 15 March / 28 April Report of the S-101 Project Team - Presentation
HSSC13-05.1F INF 21 April / 4 May France 's comments on Doc. HSSC13-05.1A - Presentation
HSSC13-05.1G INF 28 April Report on Progress of the S-1OOP (S-100 Open Online Platform) Project
HSSC13-05.1H INF 29 April ROK-US S-100 testbed framework on advancement of S-98 Interoperability Catalogue, S-164 TDS
HSSC13-05.2A  15 March/23 April Report and Recommendations of ENCWG - Presentation
HSSC13-05.2B 23 April S-63 Cyber Security Report
HSSC13-05.3A Rev3

12 March/30 April / 5 May

26 March

Report and Recommendations of NIPWG Rev3 - Presentation

Annex B Rev1: Proposed NIPWG Work Plan 2021-22  ( .doc )

Useful Reference:

- Doc. IMO FAL 45-6-7Provision of information supporting berth to berth route planning in IHO Standard S-131 (Marine Harbour Infrastructure)

HSSC13-05.3B 12 March Provision of Acknowledgments in IHO publications
HSSC13-05.3D 12 March

Architectural Display of S-100 related products


HSSC13-05.4A  16 March 5 May Report and Recommendations of NCWG - Presentation
HSSC13-05.4B 5 May Report on the Implementation of the recommendations on the Future of the Nautical Paper Chart
HSSC13-05.5A Rev1 22 March / 5 May

Report and Recommendations of DQWG - Presentation Rev1

HSSC13-05.5B 26 March

Report on the application of some ISO 9001 Principles in the development of S-101 PS

- Appendix1: Process scheme S-101 PS

- Appendix2: Routine S-101 PS v0.5 (Path for the design of the S-101 PS)

- Appendix3: Manage Risks and Opportunities of S-101 PS

HSSC13-05.6A  8 April / 4 May

Report of the HSWGPresentation Rev1

HSSC13-05.7A 15 April / 5 May Report and Recommendations of TWCWG - Presentation
HSSC13-05.8A 31 March/27 April Report and Recommendations of HDWG - Presentation
HSSC13-06.1A Rev2 15 March / 24 April Report and Recommendations of ABLOS - Presentation
HSSC13-07.1A 4 May IRCC activities affecting HSSC (including MSDI) - Presentation
HSSC13-07.1B 9 /27 April

Status Report on the development of S-124 – Navigational Warnings - Presentation

Useful Reference:

- Doc. IMO NCSR 8/9/6 - Outcomes of  the 12th session of the IHO World-Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS-SC)

HSSC13-07.2A 27 April / 5 May

Report on IMO activities affecting HSSC

Useful References:

- Doc. IMO NCSR 8/13/1Report on monitoring of ECDIS issues by IHO

HSSC13-07.2B Rev2 31 March / 5 May Proposal for the establishment of a WG/PT on MASS navigation ( .doc ) - Presentation (static)
HSSC13-07.3A 6 May IALA activities affecting HSSC
HSSC13-07.4A 16 March / 5 May IEC activities affecting HSSC - Presentation
HSSC13-07.5A 4 May CIRM activities affecting HSSC - Presentation
HSSC13-07.6A   ISO activities affecting HSSC
HSSC13-07.7A 4 May OGC activities affecting HSSC
HSSC13-10A 28 April

HSSC Work Plan 2021-22 ( .doc )

Useful Reference: Current consolidated HSSC Work Plan 2020-2022 ( .doc )

IHO Stakeholders' Open Session
“Requirements and suggestions for the S-100 Implementation Decade in Navigation Systems – An industry and user perspective”
HSSC13_PS1 10 March/24 April Canada (CHS et al.) - Abstract - Presentation
HSSC13_PS2 22 April / 4 May Furuno - Abstract - Presentation
HSSC13_PS3 7 April Canada (IIC Technologies et al.) - Abstract - Presentation
HSSC13_PS4 30 April Sperry Marine - Abstract - Presentation
HSSC13_PS5 27 April SevenCs - Abstract Presentation
HSSC13_PS6 30 April Cancelled

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