HSSC15 (2023)

IHO Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC)

15th HSSC Meeting
Helsinki, Finland

5 - 9 June 2023

Last Update: 7 June 2023



Post Meeting Documents: [Final Minutes = HSSC Report to C-7 ], [Bulletin Report], [List of Decisions&Actions, version 0.1 dated 12 June 2023: .doc , .pdf ],  [Group Photo, Photo 2], [HSSC Work Plan 2023-2024, version dated xx August 2023: .doc , .pdf ],

Doc Number
  -- IHO CL 02/2023 announcing HSSC-15
Logistic Information
  13 Dec 2022 Logistic Information from Traficom
  19 May 2023 Logistic Information from Traficom (Chair Group Meeting Participants only)
  11 March Template ( .ppt ) for the presentation of WG reports / proposals 
HSSC15-01A   List of Documents (this html page)
HSSC15-01B 2 June List of Participants
HSSC15-01C -- HSSC - List of Contacts
HSSC15-01D -- Terms of Reference for HSSC
HSSC15-02A Rev1.2 16 January / 16 May Draft Agenda and Timetable Rev1.2 ( .doc ; .pdf )
HSSC15-03A 16 Dec 2022 Status of List of Actions and Decisions from HSSC-14 ( .doc , .pdf )
HSSC15-04.1A 8 May

General overview of the outcome of A-3 affecting HSSC

Useful Reference: Provisional List of Decisions from A-3 affecting HSSC

HSSC15-04.2A 6 June

Implementation of all A-3 Decisions affecting HSSC

In support of Decision A3/14: Draft S-100 Infra Centre PT TORs ( .doc )

HSSC15-04.2B Rev1 INF 16 / 19 May Information (UK): The Future of Digital Charting Rev1 - Presentation


9 May / 2 June

Discussion on the implementation of the SPIs of the IHO Strategic Plan allocated to HSSC – Way forward – Report and Proposals to C-7 SPIs - Presentation

Useful Reference: IHO Annual Report 2022, Annex B (pages 153 to 167).

HSSC15-04.4A 14 April

Update on the establishment of the joint IHO-Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory and impact on HSSC activities

Useful ReferenceIHO - Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory

HSSC15-04.5A   Impact of S-100 on IHO Resolutions
HSSC15-04.6A 14 April / 5 June

Proposal (UK): Recognising the Champions of Hydrography - Presentation

HSSC15-05.1A Rev3

14 /24 April / 19 May

24 April / 19 May

Report and Recommendations of S-100WG Rev3

Request to endorse S-100, Ed. 5.1.0, Month 2023Annex A (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)

Proposed S-100WG Work Plan 2023-24 Rev1 ( .doc )

HSSC15-05.1B    Report on S-100 Registry Management 
HSSC15-05.1C Rev2 13  April / 15 May /  6 June

Report of the S-101 Project Team Rev2

Reminder: see Doc. HSSC15-05.5B

HSSC15-05.1D   S-102 - Ed. 2.1.0
HSSC15-05.1E   S-121 and S-129 Update

The Dual-Fuel Concept for S-100 ECDIS

Useful Reference: A-3 PRO 2.1

HSSC15-05.1G 12 April S-164 - Ed. 1.0.0 - IHO Test Data Sets in ECDIS (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)
HSSC15-05.1H 14 April Proposal (UK): Review of IHO S-100 Security Scheme appointment, operation, and termination process
HSSC15-05.1I 14 April / 1 June Proposal (USA): S-412 Weather and Wave Warnings and S-98 Interoperability - Presentation
HSSC15-05.2A  14 April

Report and Recommendations of ENCWG - Work Plan 2023-2024 ( .doc )

HSSC15-05.2B 23 March Proposed amended ENCWG TORs ( .doc )
HSSC15-05.2C 14 April Consolidation of IHO Standards into IHO S-67 Mariners Guide to use of ENCs in ECDIS
HSSC15-05.2D 14 April Cyber Security Guidance Loading ENCs in ECDIS
HSSC15-05.2E INF 5 June Development of S-64 new edition 4.0.0
HSSC15-05.3A 8 May / 7 June

Report and Recommendations of NIPWG (incl. Proposed NIPWG Work Plan 2023-2024)  - Presentation 

HSSC15-05.3B 12 April

Request to approve S-131, Ed. 1.0.0 - Marine Harbour Infrastructure 
Annex A (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)


HSSC15-05.4A  23 May

Report and Recommendations of NCWG - Presentation

Annex A - Baseline Symbology  Project Team Work Plan

HSSC15-05.4B 23 May Report on the Implementation of the recommendations on the Future of the Nautical Paper Chart
HSSC15-05.4C 28 March / 19 May Proposal (Germany): Effects of amended paper chart production practice
HSSC15-05.4D 15 May Comment Paper (UK) on Doc. HSSC15-05.4C: Future of Nautical Charts
HSSC15-05.5A  14 April

Report and Recommendations of DQWG (inc. DQWG Work Plan 2023-2024) - Presentation

HSSC15-05.5B 19 April / 2 June

Report on the application of some ISO 9001 Principles in the development of S-101 PS - Presentation

Additional Information Documents:

- S-101 Detailed GANTT, v10 April 2023 ( .xls )

- S-101 Product Specification - Risks and Opportunities Management ( .doc )

HSSC15-05.5C 8 May Proposed Ed. 1.0.0 of new IHO Publication S-68 -  Guidelines and Recommendations for Hydrographic Offices for the allocation of CATZOC/QoBD Values from Survey Data (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)

17 April

Report of the HSWGPresentation 

HSSC15-05.6B 19 April Proposed Ed. 1.0.0 of new IHO Publication B-13 -  Guidance to Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)
HSSC15-05.7A Rev1 16 May / 2 June

Report and Recommendations of TWCWG - Presentation Rev1

Proposed TWCWG Work Plan 2023-2024, redline ( .doc ), clean ( .doc )

HSSC15-05.8A Rev1.2 8 May / 7 June Report and Recommendations of HDWG - Presentation
HSSC15-05.9A 18 April Report and Recommendations of the Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Navigation (MASS PT) - Presentation
HSSC15-05.10A 17 April Report and Recommendations of the Polygonal Demarcation of Global Sea Areas (S-130 PT)

17 April

28 April

Request to approve S-130 Product Specification for Edition 1.0.0

Annex A (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)

HSSC15-06.1A 2 June Report and Recommendations of ABLOS - Presentation
HSSC15-07.1A Rev1 20 May IRCC activities affecting HSSC (including MSDI) - Presentation Rev1
HSSC15-07.1B Rev1 15 April / 20 May Request to approve S-124, Ed. 1.0.0Navigational Warnings - Presentation
Annex A (See  > Draft Publications for discussion)
HSSC15-07.2A 8 May

Report on IMO activities affecting HSSC

Useful Reference:

- Doc. IMO NCSR 10/21/8 (IHO) - Report on monitoring of ECDIS issues by IHO

HSSC15-07.2B 1 June Update from the Expert Group on Data Harmonization (IMO Facilitation Committee)
HSSC15-07.3A   IALA activities affecting HSSC - Presentation
HSSC15-07.4A 6 June IEC activities affecting HSSC - Presentation
HSSC15-07.5A 2 June CIRM activities affecting HSSC - Presentation
HSSC15-07.6A    ISO activities affecting HSSC
HSSC15-07.7A Rev1 2 June OGC activities affecting HSSC Rev1
HSSC15-07.8Aa   Report of the Defence Geospatial Information Working Group (DGIWG)
HSSC15-07.8Ab 5 June Report of the Geospatial Maritime Working Group Technical Panel (GMWG TP)
HSSC15-07.9A   Oceanographic Standards and Services
HSSC15-07.10A   ICPC activities affecting HSSC

HSSC Work Plan 2023-24 ( .doc )

Useful Reference: Current consolidated HSSC Work Plan 2022-20232, version August 2022 ( .doc )

IHO Stakeholders' Open Session
- S-100 Industry Perspective
HSSC15-PS1 18 April / 7 June Sperry Marine - Presentation
HSSC15-PS2 29 May / 2 June

SevenCs - Management of the S-100 Validation Process 
Abstract - Presentation

HSSC15-PS3 18 April / 7 June Canadian Coast Guard - Presentation
HSSC15-PS4 18 April / 7 June PRIMAR - Presentation
HSSC15-PS5 18 April / 7 June IC-ENC - Presentation
HSSC15-PS6 21 April Teledyne CARIS - Presentation
HSSC15-PS7 21 April IIC Technologies - A Stakeholder’s view of the road ahead: S-100 implementation, current themes and what’s on the horizon?
HSSC15-PS8 3 May Furuno
HSSC15-PS9 5 May
 15 May
NTOU - Feedbacks from the Design and Implementations for S-131 Database Project
Abstract - Presentation
HSSC15-PS10 5 May ESRI
HSSC15-PS11 12 May / 1 June ChartWorld - S-100 deployment – the Manufacturer and Service Provider perspective
Abstract - Presentation

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