HSSC11 (2019)

IHO Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC)

11th HSSC meeting
6-9 May 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

Last Update: 12 October 2020

Post Meeting Documents:   [Final Minutes =  HSSC Report to C-3 ] -  [Bulletin Report] - [  List of Decisions&Actions,  version dated 22 Jan 2020: .doc , .pdf ] -  [ Group Photo 1 , Thank You Photo 2] - [HSSC Work Plan 2019-20, final version dated 17 May 2019: .doc , .pdf]


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Logistics Information Rev4

 - Registration Form Rev4 ( .doc ) - Hotel Booking Form Rev1 ( .doc )


Template for the presentation of WG reports / proposals (.ppt)

  IHO Circular Letter 57/2018 announcing HSSC-11


List of Documents (this html page)


List of Participants


HSSC - List of Contacts

HSSC11-01D Terms of Reference for HSSC and related Working Groups
HSSC11-01E Election of HSSC Vice-Chair
- Mr Louis Maltais (Canada): nomination and bio
- Mr Magnus Wallhagen (Sweden): nomination and bio
- Mr Thomas Mellor (United Kingdom): nomination and bio
HSSC11-02A v2 Draft Agenda and Timetable for HSSC-11 ( .doc , .pdf)
HSSC11-03A Minutes of the 10th HSSC Meeting 


List of Actions from the 10th HSSC Meeting and Status ( .doc , .pdf )
HSSC11-04.1A Status Report on the List of Actions from C-2 affecting HSSC Meeting  ( .pdf )
HSSC11-04.2A Future Strategic Plan of the IHO (  .doc ; .pdf )
HSSC11-04.2C Future Strategic Plan of the IHO - HSSC Chair's views v2
HSSC11-04.3A Development of an implementation strategy aiming to the regular and harmonized production and dissemination of S-100 based products for further discussion at A-2 and for the preparation of the 2021-2023 IHO Work Programme (HSSC Chair/Secretary)
HSSC11-04.4A Organization of a demonstration showcase of S-100
based products at C-3 (HSSC Chair/Secretary)
HSSC11-04.5A Revision of IHO Resolution 2/2007 and
Proposed Final consolidated version of the IHO Resolution 2/2007 as amended ( .doc )
HSSC11-04.6A Determination of responsibility for product specification portrayal among HSSC WGs
HSSC11-04.7A Report and proposals from HSSC to C-3
HSSC11-04.8A Develop and incorporate architectural vision of S-100 products and ECDIS into S-98 development

http://docs.iho.int/HSSC11-05.1A Report and Recommendations of S-100WG (v3)

- S-97 - Product Specification Developers Guidebook ( .zip )

- S-98 Draft Edition 1.0.0 in progress - Interoperability for S-100 based Navigation Systems ( .pdf )

- S-102 Edition 2.0.0 (ProdSpec redline: .doc ; ProdSpec clean:  .doc ; .pdf  ; Feature Catalogue: .xml  )

- S-129 -  Underkeel Clearance Management ( .zip )

- S-100WG Work Plan 2019-20 Rev 1 ( .doc )
HSSC11-05.1B Report on S-100 Registry Management (Presentation) and Infrastructure (Presentation)
HSSC11-05.1C Report of the S-101 Project Team
HSSC11-05.1D S-100 Technical Readiness Levels
HSSC11-05.1E Report of the S-121 Project Team
HSSC11-05.1F S-100 based Products Cloud Distribution
HSSC11-05.1G Proposal for developing a new S-100 Specification covering MARPOL areas
HSSC11-05.1H Application of S-100 Data Protection
HSSC11-05.2A Report and Recommendations of ENCWG
HSSC11-05.3A Report and Recommendations of NIPWG ( .doc )
HSSC11-05.3B Proposal to amend M-3 sections
HSSC11-05.3C HGDM2 report and related tasks
HSSC11-05.3D Architectural Display of S-100 related products
HSSC11-05.4A  Report and Recommendations of NCWG
Presentation v2
Annex: NCWG Programme of Work ( .doc )
HSSC11-05.4B Future of the Paper Chart
HSSC11-05.4C Discontinuation of chart INT1 (English version) maintenance
HSSC11-05.4D Paper Chart 2.0, Automated Paper Chart from ENC Databases


HSSC Chair's synthesis
HSSC11-05.4E Comments by Germany on Doc. HSSC11-05.4D
HSSC11-05.4F Comments by Australia on Doc. HSSC11-05.4D
HSSC11-05.4G Comments by France on Doc. HSSC11-05.4D
HSSC11-05.4H Comments by US on Doc. HSSC11-05.4D
HSSC11-05.5A Report and Recommendations of DQWG
HSSC11-05.5B Proposal for a conditional visualization methodology of Quality of Bathymetric Data
HSSC11-05.5C Comments by INTERTANKO on HSSC11-05.5A regarding the development of S-67
HSSC11-05.6A Report and Recommendations of HSPT
Presentation v1.7
HSSC11-05.7A Report and Recommendations of TWCWG
HSSC11-05.8A Report and Recommendations of HDWG v1.1
HSSC11-06.1A Report and Recommendations of ABLOS

ABLOS TORs ( redline version: .doc )

HSSC11-07.1A IRCC Activities affecting HSSC (incl. MSDIWG)
HSSC11-07.1B Report and Recommendations on the development of S-124
HSSC11-07.1C Update about SCUFN UFN Project Team for the
Development of an S-100 Product Specification for Undersea Feature Names and Registering SCUFN terms in the IHO GI Registry
HSSC11-07.1D Provision of product specification description to seek HSSC endorsement to continue the development of UFN Product Specification
HSSC11-07.2A Report on IMO Activities affecting HSSC (incl.e-navigation)
HSSC11-07.3A Report on IALA Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC11-07.4A Report on IEC Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC11-07.5A Report on CIRM Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC11-07.6A Report on ISO Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC11-07.7A Report on OGC Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC11-07.8A Report on ICPC Activities affecting HSSC
HSSC11-07.9A DGIWG Report
HSSC11-07.9B NATO GMWG Report
HSSC11-10A v5 Draft HSSC Work Plan 2019-20 ( .doc )
HSSC11-10B Preparation of HSSC Inputs to the IHO Work Programme 2021-2023 to be submitted to C-3

New developments and information papers

HSSC11-08.1A Presentation and demonstration of INToGIS II
HSSC11-08.2A Surface Current Production at NOAA using IHO’s S-111 Format
HSSC11-08.3A North magnetic pole shifting rapidly and unpredictably, impact on navigation
HSSC11-08.4A IHMA Port Information Guide
HSSC11-08.5A IOGP Report - SSDM and OISDM Models

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