Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Navigation Project Team (PT)

One area of concern of MASS PT is the current lack of specific navigational data that is required to “drive” a MASS or more importantly the lack of any stated rules, regulations or standards relating to navigational data in MASS.

Mr Mark Casey  (United Kingdom)
Mr Dongli Sun (China) - To be confirmed at MASSPT1
Annie Biron (Canada) - To be confirmed at MASSPT1



The objectives of the Project Team are:

a.         to identify and prioritize MASS navigation requirements;
b.         to analyse their impacts on current hydrographic standards and services; and
c.         to develop a set of recommendations/issues to be addressed by existing working groups.
The MASS PT has a 2-year mandate. An intermediate status report on the progress made is expected in 2022 (HSSC-14) and a final report on associated deliverables in 2023 (HSSC-15). The decision for the continuation of the MASS PT or for the creation of a dedicated Working Group to be made subsequently in 2023.

MASS PT Documents

Meeting documents for the current and previous years are maintained on this site. 

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