Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Navigation Project Team (PT)

One area of concern of MASS PT is the current lack of specific navigational data that is required to “drive” a MASS or more importantly the lack of any stated rules, regulations or standards relating to navigational data in MASS.

Mr. Mark Casey  (United Kingdom)



The objectives of the Project Team are:

a.         to identify and prioritize MASS navigation requirements;
b.         to analyse their impacts on current hydrographic standards and services; and
c.         to develop a set of recommendations/issues to be addressed by existing working groups.
The MASS PT has a 2-year mandate. An intermediate status report on the progress made is expected in 2022 (HSSC-14) and a final report on associated deliverables in 2023 (HSSC-15). The decision for the continuation of the MASS PT or for the creation of a dedicated Working Group to be made subsequently in 2023.

MASS PT Documents

Meeting documents for the current and previous years are maintained on this site. 

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