USCHC43 Meeting (2020)

43rd US/Canada Hydrographic Commission (USCHC) Meeting
Québec City, Canada 24 Feb 2020
Note: To be held in conjunction with the Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2020 (CHC 2020) - (24-27 February).

Post Meeting Documents: [Meeting Summary] - [Actions/Decisions] - [Photo]

Doc Number
USCHC43   List of Documents (this page)
USCHC43-01 19 Feb List of Participants (Ver 5)
USCHC43-02 19 Feb Draft Agenda (Ver 14)
USCHC43-04A   Canada Report
USCHC43-04B   US Report (Ver 1)           (Presentation)
USCHC43-4Bi   Update on NOAA Plan to End Traditional Paper Chart Production
USCHC43-05   IHO Secretariat Report (Ver 2)
USCHC43-06A   Actions Decisions from USCHC42 (Ver 1)
USCHC43-06B   Actions Decisions from IRCC11
USCHC43-07A   Hydrographic Geospatial Products and Services Committee Report
USCHC43-07B   Status of US ENC Gridded Rescheming
USCHC43-08A   Unmanned Survey Systems - US
USCHC43-08B   Unmanned Survey Systems - CA (Ver1)
USCHC43-09Ai   National Bathymetric Source Database Development
USCHC43-09Bi   QC Tools
USCHC43-09Bii   Auto Sounding Selection
USCHC43-09Ci   Quadcopter use from ships
USCHC43-09Di   Datum Transformation Models
USCHC43-09Ei   Integrated Water Level System
USCHC43-09F   Crowd-Source Bathymetry
USCHC43-09G   Autonomous Shipping Readiness
USCHC43-10A   Strategic Considerations - Council Report
USCHC43-10Bi   Impacts and Engagements
USCHC43-10Bii   Letter to USCHC
USCHC43-12A   Preparations for A2 - Agenda
USCHC43-12B   Report of USCHC to A2
USCHC43-13A   HSSC Announcement CL 59
USCHC43-13B   CBSC18 and IRCC12 - CL10
USCHC43-14A   Possible collaborative opportunity - Schedule A
USCHC43-14Ai   Schedule A Detroit Draft
USCHC43-14Aii   Schedule A St-Lawrence
USCHC43-15   UKHO Activity Report
    Bathy Buffet

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