Sub-Committee on the World-Wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS-SC)

Chair: Christopher G JANUS (USA)
Vice-Chair:  Trond SKI (Norway)
Secretariat: Assistant Director David WYATT (IHO)


The objective is to monitor and guide the International Hydorgraphic Organization (IHO) / International Maritime Organization (IMO) World Wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS) which includes NAVAREAs and coastal warnings.


JCOMM:l The The Joint WMO-IOC Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM), with whom WWNWS-SC cooperates closely, has established the Worldwide Met-Ocean Information and Warning Service Committee (WWMIWS-C) to monitor and guide the provision of metocean MSI in real time through the network of METAREAs.


Only documents for upcoming, current and previous years meetings are listed left. All earlier meeting documents are available from the IHO Document Archive.

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