Chair: Jennifer JENCKS (USA)
Vice-Chair:  Belen JIMENEZ (New Zealand)
Secretary: Sam HARPER (IHO)



The IHO defines crowdsourced bathymetry (CSB) as depth measurements from vessels, collected using standard navigation instruments, while engaged in routine maritime operations. The CSBWG is tasked with maintaining IHO publications B-12 - IHO Guidelines for Crowdsourced Bathymetry - as well as investigating and highlighting use cases of CSB data, providing guidance on data quality and standards in liaison with the IHO DQWG and considering incentives to increase data contributions by mariners. The CSBWG is particularly tasked to work in cooperation and coordination with other IHO bodies and relevant industry stakeholders to ensure a harmonized approach to data gathering and the resultant datasets.


The CSBWG works primarily by correspondence and aims to meet at least once every year, normally in connection with another convenient IHO forum. 

Acceptance of CSB Activities and Provision of resultant datasets in Waters Under National Jurisdiction 

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