WWNWS15 (2023)

15th Meeting of World Wide Navigational Warning Service Sub-Committee (WWNWS15)

IHO Secretariat, Monaco, 4-8 September 2023

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Last update:  3 June 2024


WWNWS15 Documents

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Self Assessment Template
Template to be used for the submission of NAVAREA Self Assessments  26 June 2023
Self Assessment Template Annex
NAVAREA Self Assessment Annex A Template- Blank.zip 20 Feb 2023
Document Template
Template to be used for the submission of documents, other than Self Assessments 20 Feb 2023
WWNWS15 PowerPoint Template Template to be used for PowerPoint Presentations at WWNWS15 20 Feb 2023
WWNWS15-01/2023 Invitation Letter - Registration - Hotel Information 18 May 2023 (Rev 1)
WWNWS15-List of Participants List of Participants  Automatically Updated
WWNWS15-1.4 Provisional Agenda for WWNWS15 (Chair) 22 August 2023
WWNWS15-1.4.1 Programme for WWNWS15-SC meeting (Chair) 22 August 2023
WWNWS15-1.5 WWNWS14 ACTION ITEMS (Secretary) 26 June 2023
WWNWS15-1.6 IRCC 15 Report + Outcomes (presentation) (Chair) 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-2.1 GMDSS Master Plan Annexes 7 & 8 (IMO/Chair) 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-2.2 Geospatial Coordinates for the GMDSS module of GISIS (Chair) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.1.3 RMSS Cost Options (AUS) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-I Self Assessment NAVAREA I 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-I-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA I Annex A 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-Ib Self Assessment NAVAREA Ib 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-Ib-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA Ib Annex A  
WWNWS15-3.2-II Self Assessment NAVAREA II 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-II-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA II Annex A 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-III Self Assessment NAVAREA III 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-III-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA III Annex A 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-IV_XII Self Assessment NAVAREA IV_XII 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-IV-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA IV Annex A 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XII-Annex A Self assessment NAVAREA XII Annex A 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-V Self Assessment NAVAREA V 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-VI Self Assessment NAVAREA VI  
WWNWS15-3.2-VI-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA VI Annex A 4 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-VII Self Assessment NAVAREA VII - Presentation 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-VII-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA VII Annex A 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-VIII Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII 4 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-VIII-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA VIII Annex A  
WWNWS15-3.2-IX Self Assessment NAVAREA IX 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-IX-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA IX Annex A  
WWNWS15-3.2-X Self Assessment NAVAREA X 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-X-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA X Annex A 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XI Self Assessment NAVAREA XI 4 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XI-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA XI Annex A 4 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XIII 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XIV Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XIV-Annex A Self Assessment NAVAREA XIV Annex A 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XV Self Assessment NAVAREA XV 3 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XVI Self Assessment NAVAREA XVI 5 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XVII_XVIII Self Assessment NAVAREA XVII_XVIII 3 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XIX Self Assessment NAVAREA XIX 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.2-XX_XXI Self Assessment NAVAREA XX_XXI  
WWNWS15-3.2-N_C_R Self  Assessment China 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.3.1 Report of the IMO NAVTEX Coordinating Panel (GBR) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.3.2 Report of the IMO EGC Coordinating Panel (NOR) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.3.3 Report of the AG-WWMIWS (WMO)  
WWNWS15-3.4.1 Inmarsat Service update (Inmarsat)  
WWNWS15-3.4.2 Iridium Service update (Iridium/Chair EGC Panel) 3 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.4.3 BDMSS progress update (BeiDou/IMSO) 3 September 2023
WWNWS15- Consideration of BDMSS SafetyLink Service Manual (CHN) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.4.5 VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) progress update (JAP) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.4.6 NAVDAT proposed roadmap from NCSR 10  5 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.4.6a Resolution A.1001 (25) progress update 5 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.5.1 S-124 progress report (Chair S-124 PT) 6 September 2023
WWNWS15- AMSA S124 Trial - Presentation 30 August 2023
WWNWS15- Proposal on the creation of Chinese version of S-124 (CHN) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15- S-124 Data Capture and Encoding Guide (Presentation) 6 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.5.2a Report of the NSHC MSi Working Group 5 September 2023
WWNWS15-3.5.3 Report of the Space Actvity Working Group (USA/NZ) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.5.4 Report of the WMO Task Team on Volcanic Activity and Safety of Marine Navigation - Presentation (NZ) 30 August 2023
WWNWS15- Taranaki Maunga Volcanic Activity Exercise Report 30 August 2023
WWNWS15-3.5.6 Dissemination Challenges for Navigational Warnings to support S-100  7 September 2023
WWNWS15-4.1 Document Review Status Report v1.0 (Chair DRWG)  
WWNWS15-4.2.1 IMO resolution A.705(17) as amended (Clean) (Redline) (Chair DRWG) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-4.2.2 IMO resolution A.706(17) as amended (Clean) (Redline) (Chair DRWG) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-4.2.3 MSC.1/Circ.1287 (Chair DRWG)  
WWNWS15-4.2.4 MSC.1/Circ.1288 (Chair DRWG)  
WWNWS15-4.3 Joint IMO/IHO/WMO MSI Manual and IHO Publication S-53 (Chair/Secretary)  
WWNWS15-4.7 WWNWS-SC ToRs (Chair/Secretary)  
WWNWS15-4.8 DRWG Document Approval Schedule 30 August 2023
WWNWS15-4.9 DRWG ToRs (Chair/Secretary) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-5.2 NSHC MSI report 7 September 2023
WWNWS15-5.3.1 Report from MSI Course - Columbia (USA) 6 September 2023
WWNWS15-5.3.2  Report from MSI Course - Fiji (NZD/AUS) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15-5.3.3 Report from MSI Course - Cabo Verde (FRA)  
WWNWS15-5.3.4 Deomonstration of e-learning MSI materials (FRA) 1 September 2023
WWNWS15-5.3.5 How to accurately measure MSI capacity (Chair)  
WWNWS15-7.2 Provisional Agenda WWNWS16 (Chair)  
WWNWS15-8 List of Actions and Decisions - Draft (Secretary)  
WWNWS15-9.1 Indian Warnings Information and Navigation Service demonstration (IND)  
WWNWS15-9.2 Maritime Autonomous Surface Shipping (NAVTEX Panel Chair)  
WWNWS15-9.3 Mixed-case text for navigational warnings (CAN)  
WWNWS15-9.4 API implementation update (NZD/NOR)  
WWNWS15-9.5 NORD Stream Pipeline Case Study (SWE)  
WWNWS15-9.6 Enhanced Group Call (EGC) Application Programming Interface (API) Definition (AUS) 24 August 2023
WWNWS15 Presentations Presentations.zip  



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