6th IHO Lab Meeting (2023)

6th Meeting of IHO-Singapore Lab Governing Board
17th November 2023, Singapore (Hybrid)



Post Meeting Documents:   [draft Minutes: .pdf]  / Photo
Date posted
Document Title           Remark
GBM06-A   List of Documents (this page)  
GBM06-B 19Oct2023 Provisional Agenda (.doc)  
GBM06-1      a. Confirmation of Minutes of the Last Meeting  
     b. Review and Update actions of the last Meetings  
Update on Approved the IHO Lab Projects
Open session
17Nov2023    b. Marine Harbor Infrastructure Database Project (S-131)   
17Nov2023    c. .Portrayal of S-102 with S-101 on an S-100 compatible ECS  
  Potential Projects  
14Nov2023 a. Land-sea integration using MSL and monitoring rise/fall of sea level (Part 1)  
GBM06-4   Any Other Business  
Next meeting (Venue and Date)

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