1st IHO Lab Meeting (2021)

1st IHO Lab Governing Board Meeting
11th May 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 (UTC+2, CEST) / VTC Event
Post Meeting Documents:   [Final Minutes: .doc, .pdf] -  [Bulletin Report] - [Group Photo] - [Actions (updated 8Sept2021)]
 No           Title          
GBM01-01 Introduction of Governing Board Members
GBM01-01.a Appointment of the GB Chair
GBM01-02 Appointment of General Manager
GBM01-03 Concept of Operation of Governing Board
GBM01-04 Overview of Guidelines for Assessment of Proposals(.doc, .pdf) (Presentation,.pdf)

Project proposals from HSSC13

- Testing the automated conversion of S-57 to S-101
- Digital infrastructure to collect S-131 compliant Harbour Information

Any Other Business

GBM01-07 Next Meeting


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