7th IHO Lab Meeting (2024)

7th Meeting of IHO-Singapore Lab Governing Board
31st  May 2024, Tokyo, Japan (Hybrid) / 14:30 - 16:30 (local time)



Post Meeting Documents:   [draft Minutes: .pdf]  / Photo
Date posted
Document Title           Remark
GBM07-A   List of Documents (this page)  
GBM07-B 16Apr2024 Provisional Agenda (.doc)  
GBM07-1 16Apr2024    a. Confirmation of Minutes of the Last Meeting  
     b. Review and Update actions of the last Meetings  
Update on Approved the IHO Lab Projects
Open session
   a.  S-57 to S-101 Conversion Project
     b. Marine Harbor Infrastructure Database Project (S-131)  #2021-01
     c. .Portrayal of S-102 with S-101 on an S-100 compatible ECS #2022-03
   d. S-101/S-57 in S-100 ECDIS for DF along major shipping routes
       -  Project Proposal Phase2 revision (.doc)
  Project Proposal / New projects discovery  
  a. Land-sea integration using MSL and monitoring rise/fall of sea level (Part 1 / Part 2)  
GBM07-4   Way forward  
GBM07-5   Any Other Business  
Next meeting (Venue and Date)

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