2nd IHO Lab Meeting (2021)

2nd IHO Lab Governing Board Meeting
8th September 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 (UTC+2, CEST) / VTC Event
Post Meeting Documents:   [Minutes:  .pdf] -  [Bulletin Report] - [Group Photo]
Document Title          
GBM02-A 2Sep List of Documents (this page)
GBM02-00 8Sep Provisional Agenda_rev1 (.doc, .pdf)
GBM02-01A   Confirmation of Minutes of last Meeting
GBM02-01B 6Sep Review and Update actions of last Meeting
GBM02-02   Assessment of Project Proposals submitted by Chairs of ENCWG and NIPWG
GBM02-02A 2Sep - S-57 to S-101 Conversion Project_Assessment(.doc, .pdf)   /  Project Repository
GBM02-02B 8Sep - Marine Harbor Infrastructure Database Project (S-131)_Assessment(.doc, .pdf)   /  Project Repository
GBM02-03 2Sep Discussion on Proposed Letter of Intent between the IHO Lab and NOAA (.pdf)
GBM02-03A 2Sep - To explore use of latest technologies to provide early warning capability for storm surge in the south china sea (.doc.pdf)
GBM02-04   Official launch of the IHO-Singapore Lab on 26 October 2021
    - Hybrid Event hosted by Singapore
Any Other Business
- Progress Report on the IHO Lab website
- Preparation of the Report to C-5
- Rules of Procedure for the IHO Lab Governing Board (.doc, .pdf)
Next meeting (Venue and Date)


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