BSHC27 (2022)


27th Meeting 
Stockholm, Sweden, 20 - 22 September 2022

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Updated:   16 November  2022

Document No

Document Title

BSHC27-Letter1 BSHC27 Letter of Invitation
BSHC27-Letter1 Annex 1 Logistic Information 
BSHC27-Letter1 Annex 2 Registration Form (pdf version)
BSHC27-Letter1 Annex 3 Draft Programme (Updated 07/09/22)
BSHC27-Letter1 Annex 4 Hotel reservation at the Scandic Anglais
BSHC27_A1.2_List_Documents List of Documents - see this website
BSHC27_A1.3_List_of-Participants List of Participants
BSHC27_A3_Agenda Agenda for 27th Meeting of the BSHC (Updated 12/09/22)
BSHC27_A4.1_BSHC26_Final_Minutes BSHC26 Final Meeting Minutes
BSHC27_A4.2_BSHC26_List_of_Actions BSHC26 List of Actions
BSHC27_B1_SE Council Report
BSHC27_B2_IHO IHO Secretariat Report
BSHC27_B4.1_National_Report_Denmark National Report of Denmark
BSHC27_B4.2_National_Report_Estonia National Report of  Estonia
BSHC27_B4.3_National_Report_Finland National Report of Finland
BSHC27_B4.4_National_Report_Germany National Report of Germany
BSHC27_B4.5_National_Report_Latvia National Report of Latvia
BSHC27_B4.6_National_Report_Lithuania National Report of Lithuania
BSHC27_B4.7_National_Report_Poland National Report of Poland
BSHC27_B4.8_National_Report_Sweden National Report of Sweden
BSHC27_C1 HSSC14 Report
BSHC27_C2 Report fo Re-Survey Monitoring Working Group (MWG)
BSHC27_C3 Chart Datum WG Report (CDWG)
BSHC27_C4 High Denisty Contours in the Finnish ENCs (information paper)
BSHC27_C5 Bathy Compilation Workflow in the Finnish HO (information paper)
BSHC27_C6 Finnish Sailing Directions New Publication (information paper)
BSHC27_C7 Chart On Demand (COD) & Certified Printed ENC (information paper)
BSHC27_D1 Status report BSHC Strategic Correspondence Group (CSG)
BSHC27_D1_INF Status NHC Strategic work Information Paper
BSHC27_D2 Actions requested by IRCC14
BSHC27_D3 IHO-EU Network Report
BSHC27_D4 Report of the Baltic Sea Bathymetric Database Working Group (BSBDWG)
BSHC27_D5 (Presentation) Report of Baltic Sea North Sea Marine Spatial Data Information Working Group (BSNSMSDIWG) 
BSHC27_D6 Report of the Baltic Sea MSI Working Group (BSMSIWG)
BSHC27_D7 Report of the BSHC representative to WENDWG
BSHC27_D8 Report of Baltic Sea INT Chart Coordination Working Group (BSICCWG)
BSHC27_D9 IHO Capacity Building Sub-Committee (CBSC) Issues Review 
BSHC27_D10 BSHC Website
BSHC27_Draft_Actions Draft Actions
BSHC27_Draft_Minutes Draft Minutes

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