Baltic Sea HC

Chair: Mr Olavi Heinlo (Estonia)
Vice-Chair:  Mr Janis Krastins (Latvia)
Members: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden.
Associate Members: Lithuania.
IHO Representatives: Secretary General Dr Mathias JONAS
Assistant Director Sam HARPER


Brief history:

The BSHC was established in Helsinki, Finland, on 24-26 May 1983 following a recommendation made by the Hydrographers of the Baltic Sea at a preliminary meeting in Monaco on 19 April 1982. The original initiative came from Sweden and the first Chairman was Commodore Folke Hallbjörner (Sweden). The initial activities were to agree on the BSHC Statutes, to establish the Baltic Sea INT Chart Committee, to discuss the Baltic Sea bathymetric charts, the differences between Baltic Sea coordinate systems, the distribution of printed charts, limits of territorial seas, the Baltic Sea Radio Navigational Warning system, and the IHO technical assistance programme. The main achievements have been the coordination of the production of the Baltic Sea INT Charts, the coordination of hydrographic re-surveys, harmonization of chart datums, harmonization of Baltic Sea ENCs, and the exchange of information and the harmonization of practices with regard to various issues related to hydrography.


Original: Helsinki, Finland, May 1983.
Amended: (1) Bornholm, Denmark, May 1993, (2) Riga. Latvia, June 2007 and (3) Aalborg, Denmark 2018.

Meeting Documents

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